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Forspoken Recreant Knight | How to Defeat

Forspoken Recreant Knight - How to Defeat

The world of Athia in Forspoken is full of dangerous enemies. From giant crocodiles to skeletal bear monstrosities, Frey will have to overcome a lot of threats. Combat against these foes can easily get a little chaotic but are easy to manage for the most part. However, sometimes a proper strategy is needed. There’s no better example of this than the boss fight against the Recreant Knight. If you’re having trouble taking it down, read on to find out how to defeat the Recreant Knight.

How to Defeat Recreant Knight in Forspoken

How to Defeat Recreant Knight in Forspoken

The first thing you’ll notice once this fight starts is that Frey literally cannot deal damage to it. Rather than attacking the Recreant Knight itself, use the lock-on mechanic and target its wings instead. The quickest way to get through this initial phase of the fight is to focus on one wing. Using Disperse can help give you some additional potshots. Your best bet is to use Bind to bring Recreant Knight crashing down from the sky, then charging up Burst Shot to deal major damage to the wing (fall damage definitely hurts Recreant Knight, unlike Frey). In-between Bind’s cooldown period, use Scatter Shot while its airborne for its rapid rate of fire.

Once it’s lost a wing, Recreant Knight will get more aggressive in its attack. Be generous about your dodging and stay in motion as much as possible. Aside from stronger attacks, the strategy for this phase is the same as the first. The final phase is where you’re going to need to switch things up.

After Recreant Knight’s wings are gone, its attack pattern will get much more aggressive. It will employ a new attack that lunges across the entire arena and twirls its spear. If you get hit by it, make sure to parry after Cuff auto-shields you. A well-timed parry is both more powerful and restores a small amount of health. Frey can actually parkour off of the force field around the arena, so be sure to take advantage of  it in your dodges. Use Bind to lock Recreant Knight in place and spam Burst Shot as much as possible while its restrained. Disperse will also come in handy here. If your HP is low and you’re out of healing items, use Tendril to gain some spare health.

Written by Andrew Smith