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Fortnite Blackheart Location | Where to Find

Where to Find Blackheart in Fortnite

Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 4 is underway, and the island is being infested by a mysterious chrome anomaly. We got our first peek into it with the season’s trailer, but now we get to mess around it and more. Several changes have been executed for the new season, with fresh weapons, unique locations, and a few surprises, too. With each additional season in Fortnite, we’re also introduced to a variety of different characters. One of these NPCs is the white-bearded Blackheart, who can be found at one of the new locations on the map. Here’s where you need to head find him.

Where to Find Blackheart in Fortnite

Fortnite Where to Find Blackheart

Blackheart is found aboard his floating pirate ship above the new Lustrous Lagoon location. This spot is located northeast of the Island, where the Daily Bugle was previously established. The emergence of chrome has completely given the area a particularly shiny look. You can either jump from the bus and onto Blackheart’s spin, or you can use a zipline if you find yourself on the ground.

When you talk to Blackheart, he can sell you two items: a rare Prime Shotgun and a single Chrome Splash. The shotgun might be a worthy purchase, but Lustrous Lagoon is littered with chrome. You can always just break any objects covered in it, and you’ll receive a few splashes for your inventory. Plus, Blackheart only has one line of dialogue: “How did this ship get so far inland?” It’s probably best to visit the location, speak with him to add him to your character collection, then move on.

Since Blackheart’s ship is stationed above Lustrous Lagoon, you can have the high ground when it comes to combating enemies. There’s a fair distance between the ship and the ground below, and Blackheart is equipped with a decent amount of weapons. In addition to the NPC and the action, there’s also a vault within the lower deck. It requires keys in order to open it, so we’ll have to find those throughout the Island at another time.

As for now, you can stop by the new location to familiarize yourself with the new content. There are EvoChrome weapons to wield, splashes to turn ourselves into blobs, and more sauntering NPCs.

We’ll be covering more Fortnite material with this new season, so be sure to stick around!

Written by Andrew Smith