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Fortnite Crowning Achievement Emote | How to Get

Fortnite Crowning Achievement Emote Guide

If you’ve ever wanted to show off your achievements in Fortnite, Chapter 3 will finally satisfy that desire. Among a long line of significant changes including a complete map rework, there are new ways to express yourself, too. A new epic emote, dubbed the Crowing Achievement, allows the player to present their winning streak with a royal pillow and a golden llama. If you need a hand in getting the Crowning Achievement emote, keep reading on to see how you can acquire one.

How to Get the Crowning Achievement Emote in Fortnite Chapter 3

Fortnite How to Get Crowning Achievement Emote

The Crowning Achievement emote can be unlocked by winning or getting close to a victory royale. You will then have the Victory Crown with you for the next match. If you succeed in winning a match with the Victory Crown, you will then receive the Crowning Achievement emote. Additionally, you could eliminate an opponent with a Crown if you come across one. Once they’re down, you’ll be able to spot the llama Crown due to its golden hue and its appearance on the map.

In order to be eligible for the Victory Crown, you must be within the top placements of a match. They all vary depending on the player mode. You basically need to be close to winning or actually winning if you want to be placed. The following placements that you must reach are:

  • Solo – Top Four
  • Duos – Top Two Duos
  • Trios – Top Team
  • Squads – Top Team

With these in mind, utilizing stealth for solo and duo matches can guarantee you a Victory Crown. Since so much has evolved and changed for Fortnite Chapter 3. Weapons have been reconfigured for a more steady shooting experience; new equipment and items can come in handy throughout several situations, in combat or not; the entire Island has been flipped, so everything you see is essentially new. It’s best to take it all in while you if you want to win the Crowning Achievement emote. The more you’re familiar with Chapter 3, the better your chances are in getting a Victory Royale.

And with the Crowning Achievement emote, you’ll be able to show everyone else how many wins in a streak you’ve acquired. If you consider yourself to be a top player, consider this to be the way how you show off your kills post-game.

Written by Andrew Smith