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Fortnite LeBron James Skin Release Date | How to Get

Lebron james skin release date

The battle royale game Fortnite shows no sign of slowing down, as new skins, guns, and changes to the map are constantly being released. The latest is the news that world-famous basketball star LeBron James is making his way into the game, and it likely comes as a tie-in to the upcoming movie Space Jam: A New Legacy, which stars James.  Read on to find out about the LeBron James skin release date and what we know about how to get it.

When is the LeBron James Skin Release Date in Fortnite?

Currently, we don’t know the LeBron James skin release date, as it has yet to be officially confirmed by Epic Games. At the time of writing, the skin has only been leaked. However, leaked skins usually release within a matter of weeks after their discovery. Therefore, it likely won’t be too long until you can get the LeBron James skin in Fortnite.

The LeBron James skin was confirmed by two renowned Fortnite leakers, Hypex and ShiinaBR. Information found in the game’s files revealed a LeBron skin, alongside special quests for his character. So far, we know he’ll come with special King Bling quests. We don’t know what you’ll receive upon completion, but it’ll likely be some new cosmetics. They’ll supposedly have a gold tint, as once you complete all his quests, you get an exclusive “custom goldness slider.”

What is currently unclear, however, is how much the LeBron James skin will cost, and what it will look like. Most Fortnite skins usually come in at around 1,500-1,700 V-Bucks. Since this could very likely include two skins—one NBA and one Space Jam—this could rise to 2,000 V-Bucks. That’ll likely set you back around $19.99.

We also don’t know whether the skin will be a Space Jam promotion or a part of Fortnite’s Icon Series. Previous entries have included gaming figures like Ninja and Lachlan. For that reason, LeBron’s skin is likely tied to Space Jam. All will be confirmed very soon, as it won’t be long until the skin’s official announcement.

Written by Andrew Smith