A Fortnite Player Has Reached Level 1,000 in a Single Season

Fortnite Level 1000
Photo Credit: Epic Games

YouTuber Rages Revenge has become the first player in Fortnite history to reach level 1,000 in a single season. The groundbreaking record arrives with over a month still left in the season, giving Rages Revenge plenty of time to rack up more levels.

The level 1,000 milestone arrived while Rage was searching an ammo box during a team rumble match. Shortly after setting the milestone record, Rage moved on to level 1,001.

Epic Games has never revealed if there is a maximum level that can be reached but Rage’s XP meter is moving towards level 1,001 which will require two million points.

It’s important to remember that Epic Games controls the type of rewards that players can receive during any season.

Season 8 XP for Fortnite started a little stingy according to PCGamesN but quickly sped up.

Here’s Rages Revenge reaching level 1,000 via their YouTube feed.


Written by Boss Level Gamer