Fortnite: Polar Peely Skin | How To Get It

The Polar Peely skin has made quite a splash when it was announced, but with the hype getting so high, the majority of the players want to get it as early as possible. At the time of writing, the Polar Peely skin is locked, but it will release soon. However, you’ve might have seen a couple of Polar Peelys in matches. So, what’s the deal? Well, some players have found a way to get this skin early!

How To Get Polar Peely Skin Early – Fortnite

DISCLAIMER: This method is a bit unorthodox and possibly a security risk, do it at your own discretion.

First things first, you will need one gift present to still be available in order to do this. This is because you’ll use that “token” to get the Polar Peely skin. If you do, then you need to join the AK Facility Discord server.

After joining the Discord server, you need to go ahead and right-click the AK47 bot and click message. Type in “.login” and then click the link to login with your Epic Games account.

Then, copy the authorization code. Open discord again and message this to the bot: “.login” put a space, and paste the authorization code. So, “.login *yourauthorizationcode*”.

If you did everything right, it should say “Welcome, *USERNAME*”. If not, try it again.

While logged in, you can type in: “.winterfest” and it will give you all the data for the Winterfest event. As well as all of the presents you have opened.

At the bottom, you should see a “Open a preset” button dropdown. Click it and scroll down to the end until you see Polar Peely (Outfit). When you do, click on it and it should give you a prompt that you’ve received the outfit.

If you had Fortnite open while doing this, simply restart the game so that the changes take effect. If not, launch the game. After a while it should prompt you that you’ve received the Polar Peely skin!

Again, do this at your own discretion. Some of the methods used here are not recommended!

Written by Borut Udovic

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