Fortnite: The Movie? Epic Is Considering a Feature-Length Film

Fortnite Movie
Photo Credit: Epic Games

The team at Epic Games is seriously considering a Fortnite full-length movie. The movie would fit well with the company’s recent decision to hire three former Lucasfilm executives.

According to The Information (paywalled), the company has hopes of starting a new entertainment division that provides “scripted video content.”

Plans for the new studio have reportedly not been formalized yet. We do know that Jason McGatlin, the former VP of physical production at Star Wars studio is now the head of “special projects” at Epic.

According to Eurogamer, people “familiar with the situation” say that internal discussions about a Fortnite movie have already happened.

This wouldn’t be Epic Games’ first foray into the movie world, the company has close ties to Marvel tie-ins for Disney’s movie franchises and they’ve helped develop 80s action throwback games.

Given the massive success of Fortnite, it makes sense that some type of movie based on the video game will eventually be greenlit.


Written by Boss Level Gamer