From Tech to Trenches: Remembering Ukraine’s Fallen Developers

The war in Ukraine is ongoing and innocent lives still get lost. Many developers and game programmers have been killed as they’ve tried to defend their country. A terrible loss.

Today, we will be paying tribute to the lives and legacies of three Ukrainian professionals: a programmer, an animator, and a film editor, who tragically lost their lives in the war in Ukraine.

Died Defending Their Country in Ukraine

Volodymyr Ezhov

Volodymyr Ezhov is an important figure to mention as he was one of the developers of STALKER.

Volodymyr Ezhov was born on August 1st 1984 and died on December 22, 2022 in Bakhmut, Ukraine. He was a father of two sons.

He is a great figure that needs to be mentioned to the gaming industry as he has been a part of the great game called STALKER.

In total, there were four S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Games that Volodymir has participated in. These games are:

  • Shadow of Chernobyl (2007)
  • Clear Sky (2008)
  • Call of Pripyat (2009)
  • Heart of Chernobyl (2023)

RIP to Volodymyr Yezhov, eternal glory to this hero!

Andrii Nizrok Korzinkin (animator)

Andrii Nizrok Korzinkin is a gaming animator who has created a lot of animations for many characters around various games.

The gaming industry has received the news about his death through a tweet from Leonid Stepanov stating:

“Andrii “Nizrok” Korzinkin (@korzinkin_3d) died while performing a combat mission in the struggle for independence, sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine. A talented animator, incredible person and real hero. Rest in peace, friend. We all miss you.”

May god rest his soul. A tragic experience that has happened to this animator.

Viktor Onysko

Viktor Onysko was a very popular Ukrainian film editor. Viktor Onysko was fighting in the front lines in Ukraine’s war against Russia.

Social media has given out the news. A tweet from Anton Gerashchenko has been tweeted stating the following:

“Viktor Onysko, Ukrainian editing director, gave his life for Ukraine on the frontlines.

His 9 year old daughter lost her dad.

You Said there is no bigger torture at war than telling families about deaths. Now I felt it, – Viktor’s wife, Olga Birzul, wrote.

RIP, Hero.”

A very tragic moment for his 9 year old daughter as well as the wife of Viktor Onysko.

Overall wars are tragic periods for humanity. We wish for nobody to suffer from these experiences.

Written by Borut Udovic

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