FromSoftware Games, Ranked

FromSoftware is known for many games, especially their Soulsborne franchise featuring Dark Souls, Elden Ring, and more. However, they have created many games other than just the Soulslikes. There are too many games made by this company to rank them all, but here are all the ones we’ve ranked from the S+ tier to the D tier. 

S+ Tier – Elden Ring

Elden Ring Limgrave
Image Credit: Bandai Namco Entertainment.

Elden Ring is beyond phenomenal, and it makes perfect sense why it would be at the top of this list. It is an incredibly expansive world with multiple layers and the most bosses ever seen in a FromSoft game. While there are some repeats, the main bosses are very detailed, have great lore behind them, and the fights never get old.

Elden Ring has a lot of replayability and is one of the kindest FromSoft games you can get started with. If you want to delve into the deep catalog of FromSoftware’s games, try Elden Ring.

S+ Tier – Bloodborne

Bloodborne hunter
Image Credit: Sony Computer Entertainment.

Arguably, it is one of the cooler games made by FromSoft and one of the most difficult. Bloodborne is grotesque and set in a fictional city called Yharnam. Yharnam has some wildly dark secrets and history to uncover, with vivid detail in the bosses and an unforgettable soundtrack accompanying each battle. 

While Bloodborne isn’t as accessible as some of the other Soulslikes, if you have the opportunity to play it, you really don’t want to miss out.

S+ Tier – Dark Souls 3

Dark Souls 3 fighting an enemy
Image Credit: Bandai Namco Entertainment.

Dark Souls 3 is iconic and has some great background and character designs. The lore in this game is beautiful and complex, and the boss fights are immaculate. Dark Souls 3 never gets old and has some masterful sound design and great combat. 

While Dark Souls 3 is probably the easiest out of the Souls trio, it will still challenge you in many ways.

S+ Tier – Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice

Sekiro: Shadow Dies Twice grappling
Image Credit: Activision.

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice stands out from the crowd but also feels very authentically FromSoft. Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice feels like the most challenging out of their recent catalog of games. However, the design of the game and combat mechanics are flawless, and it feels incredibly rewarding to get right. For those hoping to dodge their way to success, Sekiro doesn’t allow you to do that and forces you to rely on your parrying skills.

S+ Tier – Armored Core

Armored Core exploration
Image Credit: Sony Computer Entertainment.

The first in the franchise, Armored Core, was seen as revolutionary for its time, with some great combat and plenty of customization options for players to make their own mechs with various weapons, Armored Core. Not only that, but there are some great boss battles that you can get stuck into and have unique challenges as you have to work to build your own unique mech and find what works for you.

S Tier – Dark Souls Remastered

Dark Souls 1 Remastered Gargoyles
Image Credit: Namco Bandai Games.

Dark Souls Remastered is incredibly difficult and has a lot of challenges to encounter in the game. While the game does feel dated at points, it still has some iconic boss fights that are bound to challenge you and have you on the edge of your seat! 

Some of the soundtracks for this game are memorable and will be seared into your mind, with some great armor sets and extensive lore that will have you questioning your choices and quest line completions.

S Tier – Demon’s Souls

Demon's Souls flighted enemies
Image Credit: Sony Computer Entertainment.

One of the harder Soulslikes, Demon’s Souls, came as the first in the series and was a spiritual successor to King’s Field. With it now being remade for PS5, players can relive the difficulty of Demon’s Souls and experience the intense and immersive world of Boletaria. 

S Tier – Armored Core VI: Fires of Rubicon

Armored Core 6: Fires of Rubicon
Image Credit: Bandai Namco Entertainment.

Armored Core VI: Fires of Rubicon is the latest game to be created by FromSoftware, and it came as a beautiful reboot to the Armored Core franchise. With intense difficulty and fun mech building, it’s the perfect challenge for those eager for more challenging boss fights and stunning graphics in a vast world. 

S Tier – Armored Core 2: Another Age

Armored Core 2: Another Age
Image Credit: Agetec.

For its time, Armored Core 2: Another Age was a fantastic game. With detailed and customizable mechs and some great visuals to boot, this game was incredibly enjoyable. For those who were already fans of their work, this was another excellent addition to the FromSoftware catalog.

S Tier – King’s Field Ii

King's Field II exploration
Image Credit: ASCII Entertainment.

Classified as a great RPG made for the PlayStation, it marries the genres of RPG with adventure elements as well as dungeon crawling. While the combat was fun and the dungeon crawling was immersive, the main problem lay with how slow the character you controlled was and how that could give you a heavy disadvantage in battle.

A+ Tier – Dark Souls Ii: Scholar of the First Sin

Dark Souls 2: Scholar of the First Sin Majula
Image Credit: Bandai Namco Games.

While Dark Souls II is the most unpopular out of the Soulslikes, it still has some charm despite being somewhat clunky and tacky in places. While the DLC is the saving grace of the game, there are some great aesthetics carried through the game, as well as eerie lore to push you further into the descent of some of the character’s madness.

A Tier – Armored Core: Project Phantasma

Trucks on a road in Armored Core: Project Phantasma
Image Credit: ASCII Entertainment.

Compared to the first Armored Core, this game comes as a significant improvement to the series. While it wasn’t that popular in the grand scheme of things, it is still an incredibly fun action game to play with intense combat. However, the game is significantly shorter than the other installments. It can be beaten quickly compared to the others, making it feel less valuable in the franchise. 

A Tier – Armored Core: Master of Arena

Armored Core: Master of Arena combat explosions
Image Credit: Agetec.

Armored Core: Master of Arena expands on the Arena concept (shocker), which now blends nicely into the game as a whole, allowing players to go into nail-biting combat against other Mechs. 

While the Arena expansion is the game’s highlight, the story is lacking and feels almost underdeveloped compared to the other installments in the franchise. The controls were clunky and didn’t allow for precise enough movements. 

A Tier – Spriggan: Lunar Verse

Spriggan: Lunar Verse
Image Credit: FromSoftware.

One of the more unheard-of games created by FromSoftware, Spriggan: Lunar Verse, comes as a video game adaptation of the manga Spriggan. An exciting action-adventure game that paved the way for some mechanics in Devil May Cry, Spriggan: Lunar Verse is a wonderful game that can be played single-player or two-player.

If you’re a fan of the manga or want a fun, fast-paced, action-adventure game to leap into to see how FromSoftware’s range differs, this is a great choice. 

A Tier – Echo Night 2: The Lord of Nightmares

Echo Night 2: Lord of NIghtmares door
Image Credit: FromSoftware.

While this game was released exclusively in Japan, it has received an English fan translation since. This game comes as one of the few forays into the Survival Horror genre that FromSoftware had. Set in an old Gothic Manor House, this game has no connection to its predecessor, and its story happens on its own timeline. 

It is up to you to search through this eerie Manor house and try to find your missing girlfriend. While the game isn’t the most known on the list, it is seen as somewhat of a classic from the PS1.

A Tier – Otogi: Myth of Demons

Otogi: Myth of Demons
Image Credit: Sega.

Otogi: Myth of Demons is a less heard of FromSoftware game, but it comes as an action video game where you follow the protagonist Raikoh Miyamoto, a retired executioner. This game was nominated for “Best Game Nobody Played.” This game has a lot of similarities to the soulslike games, with a lot of similar gameplay elements. 

If you’re looking for a game with a soulslike feel, give Otogi: Myth of Demons a go with some great action elements and that familiar Soulslike feeling.

A Tier – Armored Core 2

Armored Core 2 combat
Image Credit: Agetec.

Created for the PS2, Armored Core 2 is a fantastic iteration in the franchise and has that lovable combat and great mech customization that players appreciated from the previous games. While the graphics weren’t fantastic, it still had a great storyline and gameplay that came as an extra challenge that would be sure to test your patience. 

If you played Armored Core VI and want more of that mech action, dive into Armored Core 2.

A Tier – Deracine

Deracine trailer
Image Credit: Sony Computer Entertainment.

This game stands out from the crowd in the long list of titles that FromSoftware has developed. Deracine is an adventure game created for the PS4 and requires you to use VR to play the game. It tackles some complex themes and has some fairly eerie gameplay. If you have a VR, giving this game a go is incredibly worth it. While it wasn’t that well broadcasted to audiences, Deracine is stunning and creepy all at the same time.

B+ Tier – King’s Field

King's Field exploration
Image Credit: FromSoftware.

King’s Field is an iconic, challenging game created by FromSoftware. Played in a first-person perspective, you can explore many layers of dungeons in this action-adventure game. Despite the obviously dated graphics, it’s still a fabulous game with intense difficulty and combat. 

Despite eventually becoming a commercial success, its downfall was the game’s slowness and unrewarding combat, despite having great RPG elements mixed in. 

B+ Tier – Ninja Blade

Ninja Blade worm monster
Image Credit: Microsoft Game Studios.

An action game created for the Xbox 360 and released in 2009, Ninja Blade has a combat system similar to games like Devil May Cry. In this title, you get to explore the world as a modern-day Ninja with various weapons to experiment with.

Ninja Blade is criminally underrated. While it was ranked highly when released, it wasn’t a commercial success, unfortunately.

B+ Tier – Another Century’s Episode Portable

Character roster in Another Century's Episode Portable
Image Credit: Namco Bandai Games.

Like Armored Core, Another Century’s Episode Portable is a mech action game with third-person shooter gameplay. This game combines multiple animes, as you can pilot mechs from Aura Battler Dunbine to Gundam suits. 

The mecha gameplay was a lot of fun, with great mission objectives to complete. However, a slight drawback came with the environment, as there wasn’t much variety.

B+ Tier – Armored Core V

Armored Core V machinery
Image Credit: Namco Bandai Games.

Armored Core V is another challenging mecha game in the franchise, created for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. However, compared to some of the other games in the series, Armored Core V falls ever so slightly short of the wondrous worlds of the others. While the game is incredible and challenging, it certainly isn’t for everyone. 

It has a great storyline and fun gameplay, but it can really test your patience as it becomes one of the more difficult ones in the franchise. 

B+ Tier – Armored Core: Verdict Day

Armored Core Verdict Day mangled steel
Image Credit: Namco Bandai Games.

Armored Core: Verdict Day was created for both Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 with a heavy focus on the multiplayer modes. The game aims to battle players from other factions as you try to succeed in battle and make your faction the most successful. As with the other Armored Core games, you also have the fun option of customizing your mechs as you see fit. 

Compared to the others in the series, this title doesn’t have a fantastic story and may be difficult for players who aren’t used to games like this to get used to. This game doesn’t hold your hand in the slightest and throws you into the deep end, which can be incredibly daunting. 

B Tier – The Adventures of Cookie & Cream

The Adventures of Cookie and Cream level
Image Credit: Agetec.

Compared to most of the other FromSoftware games released over the years, The Adventures of Cookie & Cream is incredibly different and showcases the company’s range. An adorable action-adventure game created for the PS2 that was later ported to the Nintendo DS, you can compete against a friend or family member or play the story mode. 

This game can be pretty challenging as you have to help Cookie and Cream get through various obstacles that require the cooperation of both characters in tandem to navigate the world. 

B Tier – Lost Kingdoms

Lost Kingdom I
Image Credit: Activision.

A unique game that combines real-time combat with deck building, Lost Kingdoms is a card-based RPG in Argwyll, where you play as Katia, a character eager to find her father.

This game has some great deck customization options and some fun options in the two-player modes. However, the music can get grating after a while, as it’s incredibly repetitive, and the game is awfully short compared to some of the other games in FromSoftware’s catalog.

B Tier – Lost Kingdoms II

Lost Kingdoms II exploration
Image Credit: Activision.

A sequel to Lost Kingdoms, this game comes as an improvement to its predecessor. While some reviews saw it having more mixed opinions than the first, overall, the combat and deck options are much better in this game, and the story is stronger than the first. 

Lost Kingdoms II also builds on the first by adding new combat elements, such as magical effects from the cards and Summon minion cards. This title also comes with more replayability, as you can go back and complete levels once you have finished them the first time. 

B Tier – Shadow Tower Abyss

Shadow Tower Abyss boat ride
Image credit: FromSoftware.

Sharing a lot of similarities between the Souls games and King’s Field comes Shadow Tower Abyss. Played from a first-person perspective, you navigate through multiple floors of dungeons and try to survive difficult combat against hordes of enemies.

Shadow Tower Abyss has a lot of replayability, with up to 500 different weapons to experiment with and a multitude of armor sets to collect.

B Tier – Otogi 2: Immortal Warriors

Otogi 2: Immortal Warriors Sakura tree
Image Credit: Sega.

With some fantastic voice acting to accompany the intense combat in Otogi 2: Immortal Warriors, this game is quite underrated when it comes to Xbox games. 

Despite having fun gameplay where you play as an Undead Warrior from Japan, this game didn’t hit the markets quite right and never became a commercial success, as people weren’t that interested.

B Tier – Metal Wolf Chaos

Metal Wolf Chaos city
Image Credit: FromSoftware.

Another Xbox game created by FromSoftware, this title also has you utilizing mechs to fight back against the military. There are over 100 weapons to choose from, allowing for more customization. 

As a game, the story is wild and has a lot of chaos to go with it in the combat. It’s a lot of fun and mocks Patriotism with absurd humor. 

B Tier – Armored Core Nexus

Close-up of Mech helmet in Armored Core Nexus
Image Credit: Agetec.

Compared to the other Armored Core games in the series, Armored Core Nexus doesn’t hit quite as well as others. While there is the option to engage in LAN multiplayer, combat was somewhat difficult as you didn’t have precise movements, and the targeting was off. 

The one major plus for this game was the ease and accessibility of the customization for the mechs.

B Tier – Armored Core: Formula Front

Trailer for Armored Core Formula Front
Image Credit: Agetec.

Armored Core: Formula Front is another game in the franchise and came as a launch title for the PSP. For this game, instead of piloting the mechs, you were building them as you assumed the role of the Architect. However, when the game was re-released for North America, it was modified to have the option to pilot your own mechs eventually.

This game allowed for a lot of variety and different ways to create your mechs, with over 400 parts to choose from! It really allowed players’ creative energy to flow. However, trying to control the mechs was found to be ridiculously difficult, more so than usual.

B Tier – Yoshitsune EiyūDen: The Story of Hero Yoshitsune

Yoshitsune Eiyuden
Image Credit: FromSoftware.

Yoshitsune EiyūDen is a hack-and-slash game created for the PlayStation 2 based on the legendary samurai Minamoto no Yoshitsune. There are many different ways to play this game, as it was later re-released with new modes, such as a two-player mode. For those who enjoy some friendly competition, that is also available in this game, and you can battle it out against friends (or foes). 

B Tier – Chromehounds

Mechs in Chromehounds
Image Credit: Sega.

Developed by FromSoftware, Chromehounds is another mech simulator game. This game revolved heavily around being played on online servers on Xbox 360, with an online campaign available where players would wage war on each other and try to come out victorious. 

While the online gameplay was the highlight of the game, there were also some fantastic customization options. That said, the game didn’t have much substance and fell a little flat overall. 

B Tier – Armored Core 4

Armored Core 4 customization menu
Image Credit: Sega.

Yet another mech-combat game, Armored Core 4 rebooted the franchise and gave it a new lease of life for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. Compared to other entries in the franchise, this game is quite accessible with its combat, and the controls are significantly more streamlined than in the past. 

Not only that, but the game also had a fantastic multiplayer option where players could play with up to seven other players in a multitude of deathmatch modes. 

That being said, some players found that the game still had excessive complexity and felt that the missions could get repetitive alongside too many features to consider when playing through the game.

C+ Tier – Armored Core 3

Armored Core 3 mission explaination
Image Credit: Agetec.

Created in 2002, Armored Core 3 serves as the sixth mainline entry in the series. This time, the game occurs in the same setting as the previous Armored Core games on PlayStation in a post-apocalyptic world. Not much has changed in this game, and it has a lot of the same controls and customizations as the previous games. 

The Arena game mode returns after being removed in Armored Core: Another Age. This title was released on PSP but did not perform nearly as well as on PS2; it felt much clunkier, and the design seemed boring.

C+ Tier – Eternal Ring

Eternal Ring fighting crabs
Image Credit: Agetec.

Eternal Ring was a launch title for the PS2 and had some great graphics and fun ring creation systems throughout the game. That being said, it didn’t have the best gameplay, and some parts felt rushed. You get to play as a budding magician called Cain Morgan, and you investigate the island of No Return to seek out the artifact, the Eternal Ring. 

The ring creation system plays a huge part in this title and can be utilized to create different types of rings to boost your attacks and various other attributes, depending on your desired build.

C Tier – Evergrace

Evergrace Sharline
Image Credit: Agetec.

While this game did have some charm, as the characters had a paper doll-like design, overall, the game was lacking. An action-adventure title created for the PS2, it was quite janky in places, and the combat scenes would often have a lot of lag.

On top of that, the combat wasn’t as exciting as some of the other combat styles in FromSoftware’s catalog, which caused this game to fall flat due to uninspiring gameplay.

C Tier – Echo Night

Echo Night female NPC
Image Credit: Agetec.

While Echo Night is a trilogy of games developed by FromSoftware, only the first game in the series is readily available. Serving as inspiration for Deracine much later down the line, Echo Night is considered ahead of its time with the themes conveyed in this title, as well as unique environments, gameplay, and interesting use of pacing throughout. 

If you like the idea of being a protagonist who gets to interact with ghosts throughout their journey, give Echo Night a go.

C Tier – Forever Kingdom

Forever Kingdom opening scene
Image Credit: Agetec.

Known as the prequel to Evergrace and also named Evergrace II in Japan, this game features a lot of unique mechanics and pushes the boat out. Not only does it use real-time combat, but it also features special actions located by utilizing certain equipment found throughout Palmira. Instead of using a standard level-up system, you instead gain power by upgrading your gear. 

C Tier – Silent Line: Armored Core

Armored Core 3: Silent Line
Image Credit: Agetec.

Silent Line: Armored Core is a direct sequel to the third Armored Core, allowing you to utilize AI companions throughout the game. However, this game doesn’t feel like an improvement from the third entry in the franchise, and the gameplay can become incredibly repetitive.

C Tier – Echo Night: Beyond

Echo Night Beyond stairs
Image Credit: Agetec.

Another foray into survival horror comes in the PS2 game Echo Night: Beyond. With quite an interesting premise in the story, this game is bizarre but has a lot of fun gameplay. It can be a haunting and creepy game as you fight for survival in this first-person exploration.

C Tier – King’s Field III

King's Field 3 exploration
Image Credit: ASCII Entertainment.

King’s Field III was a mammoth undertaking, gave players a lot of replayability, and served as a great timesink. That being said, your character still moves slowly, and it makes combat difficult as a result. On top of that, some of the gameplay felt very similar and tedious. Because of that, it was widely regarded as having mixed or average reviews because of how unbalanced the combat continued to be in King’s Field III, with no vast improvements from its predecessor. 

D Tier – Shadow Tower

Shadow Tower dark hallway
Image Credit: Agetec.

Similar to King’s Field, Shadow Tower is another dungeon crawler. However, it also follows the similar flaws of King’s Field, as it has a lot of mechanical similarities. However, it is much darker than King’s Field and has a much darker tone overall to the game, with dingy backgrounds and a gloomy soundtrack to accompany it. 

That concludes our FromSoftware games list ranked. Which FromSoftware game is your favorite?


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