Frozen Flame: How To Craft Pot

The advanced craftable tool in Frozen Flame, the Pot, is defined as such: an alchemist’s best friend. And it certainly is, as it enables players to brew magic potions on the fly. That being said, actually crafting it requires a bit of effort. In fact, you would need to craft several items first before you can craft the coveted Pot itself.

Wondering how you can easily craft the Pot in Frozen Flame? Follow this guide and we will show you exactly how.

How To Craft Pot – Frozen Flame

You should see the materials needed to craft the Pot in the crafting menu under the Advanced Section.

It needs 10 Iron Ores, 3 Crystal Essences, and 1 Water Vessel.

Let’s get to them one by one. We will start with the Water Vessel.

To get a Water Vessel, you must first craft Empty Waterskins on your crafting table. One Empty Waterskin needs 1 Nibbler Leather and 1 Fiber to craft.

These materials shouldn’t be that hard to find, chances are, you already have them with you in your backpack.

Create several Empty Waterskins. Although you would only need 1 Water Vessel in your quest to craft the Pot, it wouldn’t hurt to get more.

With the Empty Waterskins at hand, head over to the fountain in the Cradle of Keepers. It is marked on your map.

Simply walk toward the fountain and get water. Every time you get water, one Empty Waterskin would be used to then turn into Water Vessel. Create as much as you can.

Next is the Crystal Essences. To craft one Crystal Essence, you would need 1 Magic Seed and 5 Sky Crystals. Again, these materials are common.

Head over to the Garden Beds in your home to craft Crystal Essences. Assuming that you already have the materials for it, simply select it on the menu to begin crafting.

Your character should then plant Crystal Essences on the Garden Beds every time you choose the craftable item.

You would need to wait 5 minutes for the Crystal Essence to fully bloom and be harvestable. Again, get as much of it as you can.

Now for the final crafting component, the Iron Ores.

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Unlike the previous two components, Iron Ores are lootable materials used for crafting. It is common and chances are you already have a bunch of them in your inventory.

Say that you lack the required number of Iron Ores, just spend some time exploring the world for a bit, and soon enough you’d gather quite a lot of them.

With 10 Iron Ores at hand, you are now ready to craft the Pot.

Now that you have all the necessary components to craft the Pot, go back to the crafting menu and craft it.

Place it anywhere you want in your home and voila! You now have a Pot to use every time you want to brew magic potions.

Written by Borut Udovic

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