Gamers Rejoice! Rtx 3050’s Are Reportedly Awful at Crypto Mining

Gamers Rejoice! RTX 3050's are Reportedly Awful at Crypto Mining
Photo Credit: Nvidia

Nvidia’s GeForce RTX 3050 will be released later this week, on January 27th. A fear amongst most gamers is that the card will be heavily sought after by crypto miners. VideoCardz, reports that anyone who wants to buy the RTX 3050 for mining is in for a bad time; This is a gaming card through and through.

The report mentions that a source in China based on preliminary testing, the RTX 3050 has a hash rate of, on average, 12.5 MH/s after an initial rate of 20 MH/s. The card consumes 73 watts to obtain this rate.

Gamers Rejoice! RTX 3050's are Reportedly Awful at Crypto Mining
Photo Credit: Nvidia

If this comes across as trigonometry to you, let me explain. To recoup the cost of the card in bitcoin, you’ll need to be mining crypto for 500 days, or approximately a year and a half. I may not be a business major, but that’s a pretty lousy return on investment.

All of this fancy jargon means that the RTX 3050 will be a great video card for gaming. When it comes to mining crypto, it’ll be absolute garbage. Given the fact that crypto is currently on a downward spiral, this is more good news. People have been itching to get their hands on these gaming video cards to, you know, play games. The combination of a lack of supply and incredibly high demand, brought on by people investing in crypto farms, has led to high prices and limited availability.

Nvidia has done its part by creating technology to limit the hash rate for crypto mining. If the early results from the RTX 3050 are any indication, that investment is paying off.

As mentioned earlier, Nvidia’s GeForce RTX 3050 will launch on January 27th. The MSRP is $249.99, and you can try your luck purchasing through Nvidia’s site later this week. To those looking to purchase, I wish you the best of luck.


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