Gears of War May Be The Next Game To Receive The ‘Master Chief Treatment’

Back in December of 2019, Xbox Game Studios released Halo: The Master Chief edition. It was quite a score for PC players who loved the franchise. The package, named after the lead character in the game, bundled six games together in a single integrated experience. Microsoft called it “the definitive Halo gaming experience.” Spin-off games like Halo: Reach were later introduced.

With the Master Chief package being a smash hit, it was only a matter of time before similar packages were released for other games. And according to rumors, the next game to get the ‘Master Chief Treatment’ will be Gears of War.

There is a hot rumor that Gears of War will be the next franchise to get the Master Chief Treatment
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Like Halo, Gears of War, first released in 2006, has had several sequels. The rumor first came from Nick Baker, who discussed the story during his Xbox Era Podcast.

Baker told listeners, “there is another Microsoft franchise […] that will be getting […] the Master Chief Collection treatment.” The host also noted, “Timelines, I’m not sure about. Most likely next year. A collection of games all bundled into one.”

He didn’t say which game it was, but speculation soon ran rampant on the internet.

Twitter user Idle Sloth wrote, “According to Shpeshal Nick there is another Xbox franchise getting The Master Chief Collection style treatment The main speculation is a Gears or Fable collection.”

The Verge’s Tom Warren responded to the tweet, writing, “the gears are really turning on this rumor.” Of course, Warren’s reference would point to Gears of War being the game selected.

While speculators are quick to point to Gears of War as the franchise, Baker also noted that the title getting the treatment could be Fable.

Despite which title gets the treatment, gamers are going to have to be patient. Baker says that the release of the package wouldn’t be expected until next year.

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