Genshin: All Luxurious Chest Locations

Luxurious chests are rare in Genshin Impact and the new 3.6 updates add a ton of content including some new chests for players to discover. These luxurious chests often contain valuable items including 10 Primogems and other useful rewards.

This guide will tell you the location of all luxurious chests found in the realms of Farakhert and Gavireh Lajavard.

All Luxurious Chests Realm of Farakhert & Gavireh Lajavard Genshin Impact

There are a total of 7 luxurious chests that you can collect in the Realm of Farakhert and Gavireh regions of Sumeru.

The 1st luxurious chest can be found in the Samudra coast area on a small island at the location shown above.

Glide across to reach the island and you will find the chest waiting for you behind the enemy sitting on the shorelines.

The 2nd luxurious chest is located in the Asipattravarna Swamp and can be found towards the end of the Khaverna Light Show Nirodha quest.

Head over to the location marked above and enter the tunnel there. Instead of taking the stairs on your left, go down the path on your right until you reach the area with the light puzzles.

Follow the orange-coloured light trail and you will soon reach another tunnel containing the treasure chest.

The 3rd luxurious chest is also located in the Asippatravarna Swamp where players need to solve a Seelie mini-puzzle to obtain it. There are a total of 3 different challenges that you must complete to get your hands on the chest

In the first challenge, you will need to defeat all the defiled entities in the swamp within 180 seconds. Collect Nirodha Fruits using Sorush and throw them towards the defilement to clear the area.

The second challenge is similar to the one but you will need to clear 3 defiled entities this time by throwing fruits at them. Completing the two challenges will unlock two pillars surrounding the chest.

To unlock the third pillar, use your Sorush to clear the golden defilement located on the cliff and it will reveal a Mud Frog underneath it.

Take the frog to the location of the pillar and the barrier surrounding the chest will be removed. You can now claim the third luxurious chest in the area.

The fourth luxurious chest can be found in the rocky mountains of Tunigi Hollow Farrwick at the above location.There a couple of challenges that you need to complete before you can get your hands on the chest.

You will need to switch to a Pyro character and solve a small puzzle to unlock the chest. Use a character like Amber and aim her bow at the small wooden sticks to light them up.

The second challenge can be found close to another Harwick at Tunigi Hollow.

Head over to the green orb found at the top of the pointy tree bark and follow it to another location. Beware of the enemies lurking in the area and then proceed further by following the green orb to its destination.

The third challenge is similar to the 2nd challenge and can be found at the location marked above.

Here you will need to follow another green orb to its destination while defeating any enemies that you encounter along the way.

After completing all three challenges, head over to the location above to collect the luxurious chest as well as a couple of other chests lying there.

The fifth luxurious chest can also be found in the Tunigi Hollow area on the map.

Once you reach there, dive into the hole at the centre of the room and reach the platform below. Glide down to access the elevator in the middle and it will take you further down.

Head through the tunnel on your right and you will soon reach Hangeh Afrasiyab. Climb the cliff on your right in order to reach the gate in front of you.

After crossing the huge gap, you will find the luxurious chest in a corner on the right side of the gate.

The sixth luxurious chest can be found near some cliffs close to the Asipattravarna Swamp. Once you reach there, climb the stairs on your right and follow the path until you reach the shrine.

Use the Sumeru Shrine of Depths key to unlock the shrine and collect the luxurious chest inside.

Last but not least is the seventh luxurious chest found in the Asipattravarna Swamp area. It can be unlocked after completing day 3 of the Artist Adrift World quest.

Head into the tunnel on your left and then use the green orb in the corner to clear the debris blocking your path.

You will find an injured stranger lying on the right side of the river, interact with him to start the Artist Adrift quest and claim the luxurious chest as a reward.

That’s it, you have successfully found all the luxurious chests in the Realm of Farakhert and Gavireh.

Written by Borut Udovic

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