Genshin Impact: A Cliff-Side Hero’s Past Quest Guide

The “A Cliff-Side Hero’s Past World Quest” is a quest that needs to be triggered in order to begin it. This quest can also bring you a secret achievement called “Ding Ding Ding, We Have a Winner!” By following the waypoints and some investigating, you will finish the quest and get the achievement.

This guide will show you how to finish “A Cliff-Side Hero’s Past World Quest” in Genshin Impact.

Genshin Impact: A Cliff-Side Hero’s Past Quest Guide

Where to Trigger the World Quest

Teleport to The Chasm: Statue of the Seventh, and continue going southwest towards the mountains where you will find Tang Wuchou.

Speak with Tang Wuchou, where he will get insulted from the conversation and you will need to fight him.

When you defeat Tang Wuchou, he will be sorry and tell you the truth. This action will activate the quest where you will get to the next waypoint, south of your current location.

Finding Old Chou & Finding the Ornaments

Simply glide down towards the location that is given on the map where you will find Old Chou. Speak with Old Chou and get the next objective:

  • Dig for treasure once to get Old Chou’s compensatory gift

There will be a small yellow marker on the map, right next to Old Chou’s house where you will need to dig some holes and find the bag of ornaments.

After the bag has been obtained, head back to Old Chou and speak with her. After speaking with Old Chou, you will need to head back to Tang Wuchou.

Completing this quest will grant you the “Jack of No Trades” achievement.

Hidden Achievement

After the main quest has been completed, go to Old Chou where you will have a treasure mini-game that you can do. You will need to head to the digging area and try to find a Common Chest.

You are limited on the number of times that you dig, if you get to the limit, you will not be able to continue digging for this day. You will need to wait for the daily reset to dig again.

Once the Common Chest has been found, go to Old Chou and speak with her. You will have some options that you can select, such as:

  • Start Digging
  • How did you end up setting up a stall here?
  • See you.

Select the “Start Digging” option to try and dig out an Exquisite Chest.

Once you’ve obtained and looted the Exquisite chest, head back to Old Chou and repeat the same process.

Only this time, you will need to dig up a Precious chest.

After you loot the Precious Chest, you will get the “Ding Ding Ding, We have a winner! Again!” achievement.

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