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Genshin Impact Adventure Rank Farming | Level Up Fast

Adventure Rank

Adventure rank is one of the more frustrating aspects of Genshin Impact. As a free-to-play game, miHoYo locked some of the progression behind this rank system to encourage constant play. Of course, that means there have to be good ways to advance further and further as fast as possible. If you’re scratching your head at the level gates that Genshin Impact throws at you, then you’re in luck!

How to Farm Adventure Rank to Level Up Fast

Adventure Rank increases on an XP system, the same as your character level. In order to increase your rank as fast as possible in Genshin Impact, you’ll want to find quests that give you as much Adventure XP as possible. Quests are all great sources of XP — try and finish story/side quests if you want to grind ranks.

But eventually, the quests will run out. What then? The Adventurer’s handbook – obtained from Katheryne in the Adventure Guild – has challenges inside, which give a good amount of XP. The first few challenges are really easy, so that could be the bump you need.

What else? Donating to Statues of the Seven will level them up, granting you massive bursts of XP. Explore a bit to find the donated items, and you’ll be set! If you check your minimap, the donatable materials will be little star-like shapes that you can collect.

Then, at Rank 12, you’ll get Daily Commissions. Try and do them every day, since they give a silly amount of experience, money, and materials for how simple they are. Finally, clearing dungeons gives you a small burst of experience, as does exploring the map… Though, try and do some quests before you try and cover every inch of the world!

Adventure Rank is not tied to characters, so you can level it up across multiple heroes. And that’s important, as your rank unlocks very important aspects of the game, like dungeons, expeditions, and multiplayer.

Written by Andrew Smith