Genshin Impact: All Bokuso Art Locations

Having all the 6 Bokuso arts is great for unlocking new sets of achievements and filling up your collection.
In order to find all 6 Bokuso art locations you are going to need to travel and solve different variants of puzzles in order to obtain what you need. You will find these puzzles in locked luxurious chests. It is a wild adventure with many monsters to be killed but at the end it’s all worth it!

This guide will show you where to find all 6 Bokuso Art Locations.

All Bokuso Art Locations – Genshin Impact

  1. Elemental Monument Bokuso Art

Once you are here you will need to activate 5 purple pillars in an order. To figure out the order, simply follow the purple orb that is flying above the pillars, it will give you a great idea on how to solve it. Upon solving the puzzle, two monsters appear which you need to kill and loot your chest with Elemental Monument Bokuso Art

  1. Seelie Barrier Bokuso Art

Here you will see a blue lighted orb trapped in vines. You are needed to use your flaming arrow to free the orb and follow it. The following situation will take somewhere between 5-10 minutes, you will climb cliffs and take portals to different places in order to open the orb where the red sword is standing to start your challenge.
The Challenge will start with a few mobs. Once all of them are killed you will get a luxurious chest, and inside will be the Seelie Barrier Bokuso Art.

  1. Locked Gate Mechanism Bokuso Art

Once you come here it’s a total mess. Tons of monsters attacking but that won’t be a problem for you! You will need to unlock a series of totems in order unlock the purple pillars, activate the pillars and climb up the mountain which is located right by the locked gate. If you face north you will see the blue lighting orb which guides your path. It will guide you to a higher pillar which will activate a challenge for you to blow up 5 barrels. Once that is done you will unlock and activate the last purple pillar in order to open the locked gate and kill the boss.
When the boss is dead you will finally loot the luxurious chest and get the Locked Gate Mechanism Bokuso Art.

  1. Seelie Barrier Bokuso Art

This is another barrier challenge, where you need to unlock the barrier and start the challenge with the red object on the stone. To start unlocking the barrier, you will see the blue lighting orb flying around, follow it and it will guide you the way. It should be a short route and you will eventually unlock the barrier.

Next step is activating the challenge from the red object and killing mobs. Once you have killed everyone you will be able to loot the luxurious chest and get the Seelie Barrier Bokuso Art.

  1. Seelie Bokuso Art

This is another easy puzzle that you need to do. Simply climb up the rocks on your north side where you will find the blue lighting orb trapped in vines. You will need your flame bow to do so.

Once all that is done you will start following the orb and kill some mobs on the way. The barrier will unlock and you will begin another challenge where you kill enemies and loot your luxurious chest and getting your Seelie Bokuso Art.

  1. The Bunkoku Enigma

This is a World Bokuso art quest. Where you need to speak with Yabe in the very middle of the map. He will guide you through the quest!

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