Genshin Impact: Autumn Crisis Uproot (Part 3) | Of Ballads And Brews How To Capture Snowboar King

Autumn Crisis is one of four activities that are active in the Genshin Impact Of Ballads and Brews event. This is an event for celebrating the Weinlesefest, which is one of Monstadt’s holidays. This event is active from September 29, 2022, until October 17, 2022. If you want to know how to capture the Snowboar King which is part Of Ballads and Brews, then we will help you out.

Keep reading our article and learn about Autumn Crisis Uproot Part 3 and how to capture Snowboar King from the Of Ballads and Brews!

Autumn Crisis Uproot (Part 3) | Of Ballads And Brews How To Capture Snowboar King – Genshin Impact

Uproot is the Part 3 Challenge for Autumn Crisis in Genshin Impact’s Of Ballads and Brews Event.

Once you accept the quest, you have to go and meet up with Farabi. You can find him in Dragospine near the Entombed City Outskirts.

There also you will find Edmund who is waiting to talk with you.

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They will tell you about the Great Snowboar King who is the true master of Dragonspine, and your objective will be to capture him.

At the end of the dialogue, you have to select “Giant Snowboar, here I come!” and the quest will start.

During Autumn Crisis: Uproot, you must defeat the Great Snowboar King and temporarily restrain it. When the Great Snowboar King first enters the battle, it will be in an enraged state, whereupon you must use the various devices within the area, such as Hunter’s Shield and Traps, to get the Snowboar King out of that enraged state.

The challenge arena can be found in Dragonspine which will render your character susceptible to the Sheer Cold. It is recommended to eat Goulash before starting the challenge and use the Ruin Braziers scattered in the arena.

Use the shield to damage him. While you have the shield active on you, let him hit you then he will get stunned. You can also lure him into a trap.

In this short time, you can use your melee attack on him and deal some good damage.

You can use your normal attacks, but you will deal low damage to him and it’s best to use on the small boars that the king is summoning.

The best way to deal damage to him is to inflict damage with the Hunting Net. This is the only way to deal significant damage. The Hunting net has the effect only if you use it while the Snowboar King is knocked out or in a confused state while using the smoking machine in the middle of the battleground.

Another attack that you have to be aware of is the Icicle Rain, the AoE attack from the Snowboar King. It will start stomping wildly and icicles will fall around the area.

 You will see the red circle on the ground and will have a few seconds to move out of there and dodge the attack.

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