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Genshin Impact Birthday Rewards | How to Get

birthday rewards

Genshin Impact brings together the worlds of the open-world RPG and gacha games. Because of that, there’s often a bunch of little rewards you can get just for playing! One of them includes your birthday rewards, a pile of little goodies that you get on your special day. Far from essential, these gifts are nonetheless free to get and are just another little thing you can do to get some extra worth out of this free-to-play experience.

How to Get Birthday Rewards in Genshin Impact

In order to get your birthday rewards in Genshin Impact, you must first set your birthday. Open up your social menu (where your adventure rank card appears). On the top right of this menu, there should be an option to edit your protagonist, such as changing your avatar, nickname, card… and your birthday! Get in there and set your birthday to realistically whatever day you want.

While this is likely intended to be your real birthday, there’s nothing stopping you from making it tomorrow or something.

Then, when the birthday you wrote down becomes the date, you’ll get a message in your mailbox with your birthday rewards. This little gift is a consumable cake, a 5-Star food item, with an adorable message attached. Eating the food gives you some Resin — a useful resource for participating in the game’s dungeons and boss events.

So, this cake let’s you grind your Adventure Rank and character loot a tiny bit more on your birthday. Always nice, but probably not game-breaking. No need to constantly try and cheese the system. The resin that the cake gives probably isn’t worth trying to get it as soon as possible, after all.

We don’t know if this will necessarily be the only birthday reward. It’s possible that this is going to be what we get every year, or next year will be something different. Anyways, it’s a nice little boost to game time, so make sure you put something in the birthday column!

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Written by Andrew Smith