Genshin Impact: Bring The Udumbara To The Residual Pari

Genshin Impact has received a new 3.6 update called “A Parade of Providence”, adding new areas, banners, story quests, and more. The Udumbara Pistils are special quest items found in the new update and these can be found hidden inside flowers. Most of the pistils can be collected during the Pale Fire quest or by completing mini-challenges.

This guide will tell you how to bring the Udumbara to the Residual Parl in the game.

Bring The Udumbara To The Residual Pari

In order to bring the Udumbara to the residual pearl, you will need to collect three Udumbaras and find some Udumbara Pistil. There are a total of 6 Udumbaras Pistils that you need to gather for Pari by using your Sorush’s ability.

The 1st Udumbara Pistil can be found near the Asipattravana Swamp area and you can easily identify them by looking for heart-shaped circles. Use the teleport waypoint on the south to reach there and you will find the four-leaf clover sigil on the cliff.

Climb the cliff and hold E to interact with the heart-shaped icon to reveal the flower’s position. Head into the centre of the flower and hold F to collect the pistil.

The 2nd Udumbara Pistil can be found near the centre of the Asipattaravana. Use the south teleport waypoint and then face east to find the four-leaf sigil. Use the Sorush to reveal the location of the flower and collect the Pistil.

The 3rd Udumbara Pistil is located close to the Hills of Barsom and to reach there, use the east teleport waypoint. Glide northwest and you will be able to see the heart-shaped circle carved on the mountain.

The 4th Udumbara Pistil can be found at the left corner of the Asipattravana Swamp area. Head over to the north teleport waypoint and then glide southwest from there to reach the area shown above. Stand on the branch to gather the fourth pistil.

The 5th Udumbara Pistil is located across the river at the edge of the cliff as shown above. Use your Sorush to go down the cliffside and collect the pistil.

Last but not least is the 6th Udumbara Pistil found in the left corner close to the road. Once you reach there, use your Sorush to reveal the plant’s location and collect the final pistil.

After you have collected all 6 Pistils, head over to the Residual Pari in the Farvashi trees to complete the awaken the Residual Pari objective.

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Written by Borut Udovic

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