Genshin Impact: Bunkoku Enigma Mission Guide

You are requested to speak with Yabe, a fellow warrior who has heard some strange noise in the Three Realms Gateway. He has asked for your help to find out and see what the Bunkoku Enigma are doing. Following strange noises, entering creepy tunnels. This is surely a rather strange feeling than usual. It is your job to investigate and clear out the situation.

Bunkoku Enigma Mission – Genshin Impact

Once you are don’t talking to Yabe. You begin to search for any types of clues in order to clear out the situation. You immediately head down on the lower floor of the tower and notice an opening that leads inside in a secret room.

You enter the room but all you see is nothingness… On the wall of the right side of the room there is supposed to be a lever that you need to pull and Paimon will appear to help you in your investigation.

Paimon tells you that there are strange markings on the roof of the room and that it should be checked out and the strange voices need to be followed.

Transform to Xiao and go outside the secret room where you will be needed to find and enter another secret room.

Upon entering here, Paimon will appear again and explain the situation. After that you are needed to get back to Yabe and explain the situation.

After you have talked to Yabe, he will give you a task that you need to investigate three areas and retrieve the stone of slates.

The first area is the North West area or the top-left that we will investigate.

Once there you need to head towards the marked area in orange on the map and enter the building. Make your way to the first floor where you are going to look for 3 Damaged Stone Slates. Upon collecting those 3, you will be clear with that area and head to the next one.

The second location that we will go to is the south location or the bottom one. Here it’s pretty simple. There is only one Damaged Stone Slate which you will need to find. From the teleportation just jump down into the hole and face left, where you see some water and a spot where the Slate is.

As for the third area, the North East or the top right, you will be needed to solve a few simple puzzles in order for gates to open so you can go underground.

These are simple. Just align the blue circles in the right order for the light to hit the yellow mark and you should be good to go. This will open the gate in the middle where you are supposed to jump down. When you go down you shall see another puzzle that needs solving.

Upon solving that, a stone wall will open up where you will go downstairs and enter a room with 2 more Damaged Stone Slates. One slate is straight forward behind the chest. And the other one is located to your left in the water, once you enter the room.

Once done with that you will need to go back to the first area and enter the hidden room where you will put down all the Damaged Stone Slates.

The Slates you have placed will be in a mixed order. You are going to need to move them around until you activate the ground and form the shape needed.

In the middle a portal will open up that will lead you into the first secret room.

Once you enter there you will encounter a blue spirit. Paimon will try to investigate further!

He will explain to you that the treasure is not yet taken and there is still time, so you and Pamela go back and deactivate the portal by using the Phantasm. Once the portal is deactivated, you will insert the last Slate and re open the portal.

After entering this room, you will see red defiled spirits that you need to defeat.
Upon defeating the boss, open the gate to release Koyanagi’s afterimage.

Once you have all the information, you will need to head back to Yabe and finish the quest!

Written by Borut Udovic

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