Genshin Impact: Candace Build Artifacts, Weapons, Teams & Showcase

The 3.1 update for Genshin Impact has arrived and come with it is a new 4-star Hydro Polearm character, Candace. She’s a character that comes from Aaru village in the desert area of Sumeru, newly revealed in version 3.1. Candace is a refreshingly new character as there has been no teasing about her at all before her official reveals, unlike thelong-awaitedd Cyno. Cyno is one of the few special characters whose skills do not scale off Attack and so building her might be a little tricky, but we have you covered.

Here’s a guide on the best builds and teams for Candace in Genshin Impact.

Candace Build Artifacts, Weapons, Teams & Showcase – Genshin Impact

First let’s go over her skills.


Elemental Skill – Sacred Rite: Heron’s Sanctum

When tapped, Candace rushes forward with her shield and deals Hydro DMG to opponents in front of her.

When held, Candace raises her shield to block incoming attacks from nearby opponents forming a barrier that absorbs DMG based on her Max HP.

After holding the skill for a certain period of time(or after being attacked by an enemy once you unlock her Ascension 2 passive), Candace will perform a leaping strike that deals Hydro DMG to opponents in front of her.

Elemental Burst – Sacred Rite: Wagtail’s Tide

Candace buffs characters Elemental infused normal attacks, whenever a character takes the field a damaging wave deals damage to enemies and Sword/Claymore/Polearm characters are granted a Hydro infusion for the next 9 seconds.

Artifact set

If you would like to run her as a support then the Noblesse Oblige set works well with her buffing capabilities. If you would like to run her as a DPS, then the Heart of Depth set is a good option.

Stats and substats

The following is the recommended stats for Candace’s artifacts:

  • Sands – HP%
  • Goblet – HP%
  • Circlet – HP% or Crit Rate/DMG(if as a DPS)

Candace’s skills and buffs scale off her attack so the main stat you want to go for is HP%.


All of the following weapons’ mentioned stats will be their stats at Level 90 and Refinement 1.

As a support the best weapons for Candace are:

1. Black Tassel

The Black Tassel is a great cheap but still effective option for Candace as a support as it has a 46.9 HP% substat.

2. Favonius Lance

The Favonius Lance can be used to turn Candace into a battery for your team.

As a DPS the best weapons for Candace are:

3. Staff of Homa

Staff of Homa has a passive that converts some of the character’s HP into attack, combine that with it’s 66.2% Crit DMG substat, it’s great for a DPS Candace.

Team compositions

Candace is a great Hydro support unit whose greatest asset is the fact that she grants your characters a Hydro infusion with her Elemental Burst. Candace is currently the only character with a hydro infusion. She also provides a bit of tankiness with her elemental skill.

As she buffs a character’s normal attacks and infuses Sword/Claymore/Polearm characters with Hydro her best team would be:

  • Ayato
  • Candace
  • Yunjin
  • A flexible spot for any character you want.

Alternatively, her Hydro infusion makes her great if you want to run a Bloom team

An example of which would be:

  • Candace
  • Collei
  • Dendro MC
  • Another Hydro unit of your choice.

Written by Borut Udovic

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