Genshin Impact: Complete Kokomi Guide

One of the characters in Genshin Impact is Sangonomiya Kokomi who is a Hydro catalyst user who can apply hydro damage pretty fast making her ideal for on-field enabler/ carry or off-field support who can also act like a healer. Kokomi can be played across different scenarios and she will be available during the rerun banner of the new 3.0 update.

This guide will tell you everything you need to know about Kokomi.

Complete Kokomi Guide in Genshin Impact

Kokomi Talents & Playstyles

Kokomi’s elemental skill is called Kurage’s Oath summons a squid called Bake-Kurage that will heal all her nearby allies.

This is basically a squid that will stay around and deal some damage as well as heal characters that stay close to it.

One annoying part about this ability is that the squid is fixed in one location and cannot reposition himself so you need to stay around to ensure that it deals damage as well as heals you.

It will apply hydro quite fast similar to Shangling’s Pyronato and it can permafreeze enemies when paired with cyro characters.

However, the amount of damage and healing dealt isn’t anything extraordinary with the scaling at level 6 being 152.9% on every ripple with the ability to regenerate based on your max HP.

It has a duration of 12 seconds with a 20-second cooldown but you can have 100% uptime on it using your elemental burst and one of your talents.

In fact, if you use your elemental burst when your skill is still active and the squid is still on the field, you will refresh its duration making it effectively last for another 12 seconds resulting in a 100% uptime

Her elemental burst is gonna buff her normal attacks, burst attacks and her kurage as you will gain all these scalings on your damage so in addition to your normal damage to your normal attacks and charge attacks, you will also gain some damage based on your HP.

She will also heal on every hit and buff your Kurage as it is a very significant buff that you can activate by pressing Q to instantly deal more damage. Kokomi’s healing applies to all party members when attacking and it does scale based on her max HP.

The most important talent Kokomi has is Flawless strategy which results in a 100% decrease in CRIT rate while resulting in a 25% healing bonus.

This will actually give you more healing and through another passive talent will provide you more damage.

The last passive talent is the Princess of Watatsumi decreases the amount of stamina consumption when you are swimming.

Overall, Kokomi basically has two main playstyles: you can either play her as a support character who will provide consistent hydro application from off-field with her elemental skill or refresh your burst using it purely as a skill refresh.

This will allow you to permafreeze enemies or enable vaporize on pyro carries and also buff your team using artifact sets like Thrilling Tales of Dragon Slayers while also providing some healing

For a more active playstyle, you can play Kokomi as a DPS or on-field enabler where you are spamming attacks inside your burst which can be really useful if you are pairing her with off-field supports like fischal or beto while constantly applying hydro and enabling electro charge.

For the talent priority, it does depend as an on-field auto tracker and enabler DP, you will need to prioritize your burst as the scaling here will increase giving you more damage and then your normal attacks and skills at the end.

If you are using her as a pure heal bot as a support character who is using her skill, then you will need to prioritize your skills for the regeneration and damage then you need to max out your burst second.

Kokomi Artifact Sets

If you wish to play Kokomi as support/ healer then the only set worth using is the 4-piece Tenacity of Millileth.This is because you can maintain skills at 100% uptime if you are pressing Q to refresh the duration of the skill

The 2 piece version will give you 20% HP which increases everything in your kit such as your healing and damage.While the 4 piece increases the shield strength of your party members and it also increases the attack by 20% with the option to trigger it when the character is off field.

This means that Kokomi’s elemental skill whenever it hits the opponent, it will buff the attack of all your party members while having 100% uptime if you manage your rotations properly.

This is the reason why you should use this set as a healer while there are other viable ones like the two piece version of this with something like Maiden’s Beloved.However as a supporting character, her main role is to provide healing and do some off-field hydro application while giving your team some buff.

As a DPS character and on-field enabler where you want Kokomi to deal damage inside of her burst, it’s highly recommended that you use the 4 piece Heart of Depth.

It is the best one overall for damage as you gain a 50% hydro damage bonus and also 30% damage to your normal attack and charge attacks after you use your elemental skill for 15 seconds.

This is the set that you should use for Kokomi as a damage dealer. There are other alternatives such as pairing the 2 piece of depth with another 2 piece such as Maiden’s Beloved which gives you 15% healing effectiveness or the 2 piece Tenacity of Millileth which increases your HP by 20%

While it isn’t the best viable option, you can also use the 4-piece Hour of Soothing Thunder in a taser team where you are using her with beto official and constantly keeping the enemies electrocharged or affected by electro making it a good choice for the 35% damage bonus but not as good as the Heart of Depth.

Kokomi Artifact Stats

First, you need to keep in mind that CRIT is absolutely useless on Kokomi because you are losing 100% CRIT rate, you don’t want pieces that have a lot of CRIT rate and CRIT damage.

The main stats that you need to focus on are:

  • HP%
  • Energy Recharge which is a good sub-stat
  • ATK% which can increase the damage of your skill and normal attacks
  • Elemental Mastery is like a taser team which is useful for some specific Kokomi builds

For her Sands of Eon regardless of how you are building her, you will need to go for HP as it will provide you with the most damage and healing. It is best to stick with HP and Energy recharge as her substats and you will need 160-180 energy recharge while your support is not spending much time on the field.

There are 2 options for her goblet, for damage and when you are using her burst to auto attack inside of it, you will need a hydro damage goblet.

Using hydro damage on the goblet will give you the most damage so it’s highly recommended.

However, as a heal bot, the HP goblet will obviously give you more healing so it’s also a good option that you can use in your Tenacity Kokomi build.

For the circlet, you should always opt for a healing bonus and while there can be other viable options, the healing bonus will provide you with the most damage as well as healing so it’s worth picking it up on your circlet.

The Energy Recharge main stat and the elemental damage bonus provide 10% refinement at Rank 1 and 20% refinement at Rank 5.

This is really great because whenever you trigger an electro reaction for a taser team where you are spamming electro charge, giving a 10 to 20% elemental damage bonus to the hydro and electro elements is really good.

Kokomi Weapons

The best weapon for Kokomi is no doubt the Thrilling Tales of Dragon Slayers as it will provide you with HP% on stat and an amazing effect, it’s easy to recommend since it’s a free-to-play weapon.

This makes the best choice if you want to use Kokomi as a healer or off-field support but even on teams where you are using the auto-attacking feature with her such as electro-charged teams.

If you are not having another Thrilling Tales player like Sucrose then it’s worth giving this weapon to Kokomi because the HP% stat is not only good but you also gain 48 ATK for 10 seconds to another character.

When you pair it with someone like beto, it will snapshot this attack buff meaning that it will last for the entire burst. It is a weapon that you should definitely upgrade to level 90 to take full advantage of it.

Another great weapon is the new Everlasting Moonglow which is a 5-star weapon on the raider banner.

It is a weapon that has been designed for Kokomi as it is the weapon that provides the most damage for her however Thrilling Tales is still better if you want more damage for your entire team.

The Skyward Atlas is also a good weapon choice since your damage still scales based on your attack meaning that having a high base ATK with ATK% along with the Elemental Damage bonus that you gain from the effect is pretty nice and a good DPS weapon.

For your four stars, they are basically all free-to-play options which you can create at the Blacksmith such as the Mappa Mare, Prototype Amber and the Hakushin Ring are good choices.

Out of all three, Mappa Mare will provide maximum damage to your Kokomi, Prototype Amber will be a more supportive weapon giving you healing and energy while unlocking Hakushin Ring requires you to collect a mask from the quest if you want to craft it. It is a very good weapon for Taser Kokomi as it not only gives her damage but also buffs your team.

Kokomi Constellation

Kokomi’s 1st constellation called Water’s Edge will give her more damage to the last hit of her normal attack combo when you are inside her burst, the final normal attack will unleash a fish that deals 30% of her max HP as hydro damage.

It does not consider normal attack damage so it won’t be buffed by external sources that normally buff your normal ATK. This is a pretty good increase in damage especially as you are stacking HP to your normal attack combo.

Her 2nd constellation called the Clouds Like Waves Ripping gives her more healing, effectively for characters that are under 50% HP allowing her to heal more.

The 3rd and 5th constellations increase her talent levels while her 4th constellation can be a great choice if you are auto-attacking as it increases the attack speed when you are inside your burst and regenerates a ton of energy for you .

Every time Kokomi does a normal attack, you will restore 0.8 energy and it can occur every 0.2 seconds meaning that you can get a ton of energy since you auto attack pretty fast with higher energy for the whole duration of your burst.

Lastly, her 6th constellation provides damage increase and it will buff her DPS when she is inside of her buff doing normal attacks and charge attacking allowing her to gain a 40% hydro damage bonus for 4 seconds whenever she heals herself or any party member with 80% or more HP.

That’s everything you need to know about Kokomi in the game!

Written by Borut Udovic

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