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Genshin Impact Cooking | How to Process Food

How to process food

Cooking is a critical aspect of Genshin Impact. As an open-world RPG, being able to cook gives you massive buffs. The better of a chef you are, the better cooking you can do! But, learning how to process food can be pretty vague. You can’t just sit down and automatically make food! There are a few things to do before you can cook great buffs in Genshin Impact. This guide will give you the basic run-down!

How to Process Food in Genshin Impact

In order to process food, you must first learn the recipe. Unfortunately, you can’t just randomly throw together food and hope for the best. Once you have the recipe, you must find a stove and do a short timing minigame to cook it to perfection. After doing this minigame a few times, then you will be able to automatically cook food.

There are a few areas with stoves that allow you to cook, usually in cities like Mondstadt and Liyue. There are also campfires out in the world that will allow you to cook whenever you’re out and about.

During the cooking minigame, you must try your best to land in the orange line to get the maximum benefit from the food. This not only increases your food’s effectiveness but also how quickly you learn how to automatically cook it. The rarity of your food decreases the size of your perfect cooking spot, so get really used to the timing!

If you want some of the best recipes in the game, make sure you do quests and look through your environment! There are a ton of really strong recipes hidden where you wouldn’t expect.

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Written by Andrew Smith