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Genshin Impact Cor Lapis Locations | Where to Find

Cor Lapis

Genshin Impact is full of enchantment materials that you have to find. One of them is the Cor Lapis, which is a pretty dang useful one! If you’ve gotten Keqing from the newer story quests, then you must find this to level ascend her! Thankfully, this geo crystal is not too hard to find, once you know generally where to look.

Where to Find Cor Lapis Locations in Genshin Impact

In order to find Cor Lapis, you first need to head to Liyue. Since this is a Geo crystal, it is found within caves, mines, and generally near terrain that can be considered “rocky” or “earthy.” We like to grind Cor Lapis in caves, since it’s easy to see and it spawns a lot. Find your favorite, big cave in Liyue and run around in there! The place we farm is along the bottom of the second mountain in the yellow-ish grasslands, or within the leftmost mountain caves in that area.

Cor Lapis is used for alchemy and ascension. For Alchemy, it is used for Dustproof potions, Unmoving Essential Oil, and Geoculus Resonance Stones. Dustproof potions are solid, low-level Geo resists, good for Geo boss fights. Unmoving Essential Oil increases Geo damage, so good for geo units if they need to rush down a boss or DPS gauge.

The Geoculus Resonance Stone is weird. It’s basically an usable compass that can be used to search for Geoculi nearby. Thankfully, this is only consumed if there is at least one Geoculus nearby, so you can use it at your leisure while you’re looking for them. To use it, consume a stone and then look at your map for a blue circle. While within the blue circle, it will point to a Geoculus.

The other use, of course, is for your ascensions! Chongyun and Keqing are the major targets for now. 168 Cor Lapis are used to raise one of them to Ascension 8… which is obviously a ton! Keqing is worth it, as she tends to be one of the most potent Electro attackers in the game. Do make sure to keep her in mind if you plan on beating down any Hydro bosses!

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Written by Andrew Smith