Genshin Impact: Heizou Character Guide

Heizou is the newest character to be added to Genshin Impact, a male character with new abilities and roles. It is popular belief and concern that this character might change Genshin Impact forever since he brings new things to the table. In this guide we will go through what this character is all about.

Will we make a Heizou main out of you?

Genshin Impact: Heizou Character Guide

Heizou is the newest character to be added to Genshin Impact. A male character, a matter of fact the first-ever male catalyst user and to top it all off he is also the first-ever fist style character in the game.

He is a 4-star main & sub DPS user of the Anemo element, normal attacks that perform 5 Anemo infused hits for moderate normal attack damage.

Heizou has a special feature when it comes to his catalyst charged attack which has a charging cost of 25 stamina instead of the normal 50. His charged attack inflicts moderate damage.

Heizou’s special skill is called Heartstopper Strike. It works in a tap and hold function. When tapped Heizou does a fast attack that does Anemo damage infront of him, when held Heizou gains stacks of Declension up to 4 stacks.

Every stack boosts the Heartstopper Strike’s damage. Once max stacking is hit Conviction will occur causing more Anemo damage and an increased AOE for the next Heartstopper Strike.

His next skill is the Windmuster Kick. With this skill Heizou leaps in the air dealing explosive Anemo damage to anyone infront of him, the attack can be swirled.

While swirled Heizou will create Winmuster Iris which is an explosive that travels in a straight line and does explosive splash damage to anyone near.

Heizou’s first passive is Pre-Existing Guilt which reduces sprinting stamina consumption of you and your party up to 20%.

His second passive is Paradoxical Practice, when he activates a swirl reaction he will gain 1 stack of Declension.

Heizou’s third passive is Penetrative Reasoning, After Heizou uses his skill Heartstopper Strike everyone in your party will gain 80 Elemental Mastery points.

Heizou has 4 constellations which are:

[C1] Upon entering the field Heizou receives +15% normal attack speed, +1 declension stack ( can only trigger every 10s).

[C2] When Windmuster Kick explodes it will pull near by enemies.

[C4] When the Winmuster Iris explodes Heizou gains +9 Elemental Energy on the first explosion and gains +1.5 Elemental Energy on the rest.

[C6] Each Declension stack increases Crit rate by 4% and Conviction by 35%.

Written by Borut Udovic

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