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Genshin Impact | How to Get Amos’ Bow

amos' bow

The number of weapons that you can collect in Genshin Impact is insane. There seems to be a nearly infinite variety, and if you’re looking for a specific weapon you can be rolling for hours. Because of that, Amos’ Bow can escape your grasp for a while. This 5-star bow doesn’t seem very easy to find, so how do you get it? Our quick guide will tell you and let you know if it’s worth it.

How to Get Amos’ Bow in Genshin Impact

amos' bow

Amos’ Bow is only available to players through the Wish system. If you see an event for weapons that features 5-star weapons, then you might have a good chance at rolling the bow, and should go for it. Do note that, if Amos’ Bow is not one of the featured promotional weapons, your chances are not going to be high… But, it’ll at least be higher than the standard wish system.

You can still roll through the Wanderlust Invocation, but your chances of receiving the bow are not very high. You’re rolling against a ton of items, after all! The weapon promotional event at least narrows it down to weapons, with a chance of a character if you roll badly. But, you’re much more likely to get the promo weapon if you take this path… Gah! They don’t make it easy.

If you were lucky enough to get Amos’ Bow, we think it’s well worth it. The base stats by themselves are quite potent, but the special effect is another thing entirely! It gives you a hard buff to normal and charged attack damage, and then gives you a stacking buff to normal and charged damage. That’s crazy for any character who either spams normal attacks or focuses on charged attacks… Which tends to be a typical bow-wielder build.

This bow is worth going for, but it’s admittedly pretty hard to grab! Think of it as a side-benefit of rolling for wishes in promotional weapon events, rather than something to go for specifically! Unless, of course, it becomes a promotional weapon.

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Written by Andrew Smith