Genshin Impact: How To Unlock The Coordinates Of Sun And Rain Domain

As a part of the newest update to Genshin Impact a new domain has been added.

The Sun and Rain domain is the newest domain to be added, so it makes sense why many players even veterans of the game want to visit this new domain because it offers a lot of opportunities for grinding for XP and gear, but a lot of players are having a hard time trying to find this domain.

So, in this guide we’ll show you where to find the coordinates Of Sun And Rain Domain.

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How To Unlock The Coordinates Of Sun And Rain Domain in Genshin Impact

With every major update or so new characters are added o further enhance the gaming experience you get from this game, adding more variety and other attributes to your roster of characters. And as well as that new domains are added from time to time.

With the newest update of the game, update 3.0 adds new domains to the map and one that has gotten a lot of attention is the Sun and Rain domain.

To get to the domain you first must complete Varuna Gatha Quest Line. To start the quest line you first need to travel to Ashavan Realm.

To accept the quest you need to travel o this spot on the map where you might have to battle a few enemies to proceed.

Once the enemies are dealt with a cutscene will play out giving you information about the quest. And after that you will have to accept the quest.

Once accepting the quest you gain access to the Rain’s End Summeru located on this island off the coast of Apam Woods but before you can head there you need to run a few errands as a part of the quest.

Once those errands are clear you can head down to this location. When inside you must travel deeper inside the caves maybe even fight a couple of enemies along the way.

Go forward until you reach this part of the map where you will trigger a cutscene to play out, after this cutscene you are free to roam around this area.

And roam you will because you will need to travel to this point of the caves in order to get to the coordinates.

Once you reach that point you will notice that the entrance to the coordinates is guarded by a green forcefield.

To open this forcefield you will need to find a sprout and use the rhythm of the sprout in order to gain it’s energy to open the forcefield.

Once the forcefield is cleared you will see a big set of stone doors, those are the doors to the coordinates approach them and open them to gain the coordinates.

That is how you get the coordinates to the new domain that is part of the 3.0 update for Genshin Impact, have fun!

Written by Borut Udovic

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