Genshin Impact Is Ridiculously Successful, Water Is Wet

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Genshin Impact from miHoYo took the world by surprise in 2020 with its beautiful world and Breath of the Wild-inspired gameplay. It’s a game that gets its hooks into you and doesn’t let go. It’s also free to play, but it does come with lots of gacha elements for players to spend money on. Though, these aren’t necessary to enjoy the game. 

Since its release, Genshin Impact’s popularity has not waned. It doesn’t seem like much will slow it down if a report from Sensor Tower is any indicator. The game has an excellent roster of characters to collect, which we’ve ranked. Each feels unique and brings something new to the table as you journey across the world exploring and battling bosses. The game’s huge roster adds to the game’s gacha component.

Genshin Impact quarter 1 success
Photo Credit: Sensor Tower

The report from Sensor Tower details Genshin Impact’s roaring success. Since September 2020, the game has “surpassed $3 billion in global lifetime player spending across the App Store and Google Play.” After its release, it took only 171 days for the game to earn its first $1 billion in sales on mobile. As of now, the game will likely surpass the $4 billion mark sometime this year.

Much of Genshin Impact’s success can be attributed to their regular updates for players. These include “introducing new gameplay features, areas to explore, and characters to obtain, resulting in large spikes in revenue on average every three weeks” for the game. 

Genshin Impact has continued its upward trajectory and is still one of the world’s most lucrative mobile games. Its success works out to be $1 billion every six months on average. The report details that Genshin’s players remain “highly engaged,” with the game’s average active numbers up 44 percent in the first quarter of 2022. 

Globally, the game is third in revenue since its launch. It is behind Honor of Kings and PUBG Mobile. It currently ranks first for Q1 of 2022, though. China, where miHoYo is based, remains the number one grossing country for the game’s revenue.

If you fancy yourself a fan of the game, be sure to check out our master list ranking all the weapons in Genshin Impact. And yes, we mean all of them. If that isn’t enough, we’ve also ranked all the bosses in the game from worst to best

Genshin Impact is currently available on PlayStation 4 and 5, PC, and mobile devices.

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