Genshin Impact: Legend Of The Wind Knight Quest Guide (Part 1)

The Legend of the Wind Knight quest is an interesting quest that will require your character to perform 3 different tasks at one time. An interesting way to combine your movement, camera, and skills at the same time. Make a perfect movement and get the best picture!

This guide will show you how to complete the first part of the Legend of the Wind Knight quest.

Genshin Impact: Legend Of The Wind Knight Quest Guide (Part 1)

The quest will take place at the Favonius Cathedral at Mondstadt.

Go to the middle of the cathedral and you will find a shining spot that will let you use the camera and take a picture.

When you get to that area, the quest will update and you will need to do the 3 following objectives:

  • 3 Photo-Taking Points
  • Face the Camera
  • Use Anemo Elemental Skill

This is the complex move that your character needs to do in order to complete all 3 objectives at once.

In order to complete the quest, stand in front of the palace from where the camera point is, turn your character from where you face the camera, and see the cathedral.

Your last step is to use your elemental skill and the photo will be taken once you complete all 3 steps.

Written by Borut Udovic

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