Genshin Impact: Memories of Inteyvat Quest Guide

You are joined together with Dainsleif on a journey to investigate the memories of Inteyvat. His mission is to stop the Abyss, while on the other hand, you will find something that will shock you more than you know it. Your character will feel as he’s lost his other special half.

This guide will show you the Memories of the Inteyvat quest in Genshin Impact.

Genshin Impact: Memories of Inteyvat Quest Guide

Your journey will begin in the Nameless Ruins. From there you will begin to run towards yellow marked areas on the ground and continue investigating.

After some time you will notice some dead bodies and enter the Hilichurl camp. You then will need to break boxes and look for clues inside the Hilichurl camp.

You will find some food crates and a lit campfire that is strange for the hillichurls because they hate the light.

As you keep investigating further into the cave, you will find a flower that blooms all over the nation.

A flower that looks familiar to everyone.

You come into and touch the flower to begin seeing a memory. The Abyss Herald begins speaking to you and you see a memory.

Here you see the image of your twin brother Aether.

After a long conversation with Dainsleif, you begin to realize that sometimes you have to leave your loved ones for the greater good.

A light begins to shine strongly from the center room in the cave, and the Abyss Herald jumps from the roof and interrupts your conversation.

A fight will occur between you and the Abyss Herald, you must stop him and kill him!

After defeating the Abyss Herald, you will complete the quest and begin to stop the Abyss from spreading!

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