Genshin Impact: Mt. Damavand Luxurious Chest Location (Puzzle Guide)

Genshin Impact is filled with different bosses and puzzles that are all located in different part of all maps. These bosses and puzzles hold great secrets and can help you obtain various high-quality items that can benefit the player in many ways. Sometimes you may even unlock a luxurious chest that is filled with goodies!

This guide will show you where the Luxurious chest is located in Mt. Damavand for Genshin Impact.

Mt. Damavand Luxurious Chest Location (Puzzle Guide)

This is a great puzzle that will require you to obtain 3 runes from different locations and engrave them into three studs.

These runes are well hidden and you will be required to find a flower that can control time and change the layout on certain things.

The location of the three studs is at the central part of Mt. Damavand.

Once you make it there, swim on the other side of the lake where you will spot a purple flower. This purple flower is the key to you obtaining all three runes.

First Rune Location

These flowers can be touched, and once they are, you will notice that they will start floating toward different areas. The flower’s destination will always be a small sprout that will allow you activate a memory.

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Make sure to activate the memory on each sprout to either reveal a hidden chest AND reveal a hidden path that will lead you to one of the ruins.

On the meter itself, there will be marks where the memory stops. The memory also stops at the starting and ending points of either mark.

After following the flower to the desired location, you will see a giant broken pillar. Here you can use the memory to move the pillar to its original state and get access to the first rune.

NOTE that you need to use the flower on each rune to take it back to the original form so you are able to pick it up.

Second Rune Location

After obtaining the first rune, head over to the next area marked on the image below. Here you will see another flower that you can touch and it will begin moving around.

This next flower will lead you in front of a big waterfall that you can use the memory onto. Use the memory where you stop the waterfall and reveal a hidden cave behind it. That is where the second rune is located.

Now all you need to do is use the flower one more time on the second rune and take it to its original form so you are able to obtain it.

Third Rune Location

With the second rune now in your hands, all that is left for you is to get the third and final rune to complete the puzzle and reveal the luxurious chest.

Head over to this marked area on the image below to start guiding the flower to its appropriate position.

The first memory that you need to use here is to move a tree that is blocking the road. Once moved, touch the flower and continue following it to your next destination.

The next destination will be another waterfall that you need to use the memory on and stop it. Take it to the first mark on the flower to fully stop the waterfall and reveal a hidden cave which has the rune inside.

Touch that flower one more time and go to the rune so you can fully assemble it.

Looks like you got all the runes gamer! Now head over to the middle where the three studs are and engrave all three runes. You will notice that after the third rune the amazing luxurious chest will pop up.

And there you have it. That is how you can get the luxurious chest at Mt. Damavand for Genshin Impact.

Written by Borut Udovic

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