Genshin Impact: Mysterious Clipboard 11 Location

Genshin Impact has recently received a 3.1 update called “King Deshret and the Three Magi” that adds plenty of new content in the Sumeru region. It adds new areas, weapons, characters and quests for players to enjoy.

As a part of the Static View quest, you will be given a book that contains pictures of several locations where treasures are buried and finding these locations will help you complete the quest.

This guide will tell you the location of Mysterious Clipboard 11 in the game.

Mysterious Clipboard 11 Location – Genshin Impact

The 11th Mysterious Clipboard is located in the desert region of Sumeru as you see in the picture clue above.

Head over to the entrance of the Aaru Village in the Land of Lower Setekh at the above location.

Turn right from the main path and in the small corner next to the palm tree and the rock, you will be able to dig for the chest.

Collect the common chest to solve the 11th Mysterious Clipboard quest item for the Static Views quest.

That’s it, you have successfully found the 11th Mysterious Clipboard in the game.

Written by Borut Udovic

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