Genshin Impact: Sounds From Afar Full Story | Of Ballads & Brews Festive Anecdotes Part 1 With Mika

Version 3.1 for Genshin Impact has finally arrived. Along with it is the new desert region of Sumeru and new characters like Cyno and Candace. While these are the newest areas and additions to Genshin Impact, Mihoyo hasn’t forgotten about our beloved first area, Mondstadt.

The first event happening in Version 3.1 is the Of Ballads and Brews event in Mondstadt.

Here is a guide about the latest Of Ballads and Brews event  in Genshin Impact!

Sounds From Afar Full Story | Of Ballads & Brews Festive Anecdotes Part 1 With Mika – Genshin Impact

Sounds From Afar is the first mission of the event. The quest starts by talking to Katherine in Mondstadt. The Traveler bumps into Kaeya and he informs him that a letter arrived from Grandmaster Varka.

Kaeya invites the Traveler with him to the Knights of Favonius Headquarters to listen about the contents of the letter.

Once they arrive at the headquarters, they see Jean standing at the front with an unfamiliar young man, his name is Mika. He is part of the front line of Varka’s expedition, but he was sent back to deliver a letter.

In the letter, Varka talks about various topics such as the expedition,  Capitano, the Weinlesefest and special message for Lisa.

The Traveler then talks to Jean and Lisa, where Lisa tells him that the message was about Razor and his parents, Lisa then asks the Traveler to bring Razor back.

Now you have to head to wolvendom to talk to Razor. You will find traps that you will have to follow, and you will eventually bump into Razor and Draff.

After talking to Razor, you can return with him to Lisa so that he can see the item Varka left for him. They seem like a bunch of junk at first, but Razor smells familiar scents from distant memories, the scent of his parents.

The most notable item in the chest is the Thousand-Wind Wine left to him.

Lisa convinces Razor to go to the Weinlesefest if he wants to find someone he can ask about the wine.

At the festival, Razor and the Traveler bump into Venti, who Razor asks about the wine. Venti recites a poem to Razor that’s related to the Thousand-Wind Wine and convinces him to make his own wine.

Razor decides to make his own wine and rendezvous with the Traveler after two days and the first part of the quest is finished.

Written by Borut Udovic

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