Genshin Impact: The Photographer Words 1

There are a total of 7 locales in “The Photographer Words I” in the Golden Apple Archipelago of Genshin Impact. You’ve come to the right spot if you’re looking for a helpful guide for Genshin Impact’s The Photographer Words 1 level. This page is filled with details regarding the level’s location as well as secret missions and dialogues that will be of great assistance to all Genshin Impact players.

Genshin Impact: The Photographer Words 1

The Photographer Words 1: Phantasmal Conches

1.       00:00 – Secret Mission Log 1 – Twinning Isle 

Dialogue: “Agafya, let’s take a break… Who knows whether we’ll find anything to eat at all on these islands…”

It is an Echoing conch that may be found on Twinning Isle’s northernmost island. On the western side of the island, near the Waverider Waypoint, is where you can discover the Echoing conch.

2.                   00:35 – Secret Mission Log 2 – Broken Isle 

Dialogue: “Alright, Zakhar. We’re done with the signal testing on this island… Let’s hope the machine starts up without any… issues…”

“Okay, okay. Come on, let’s get to the next island and finish what we came to do… the sooner we complete our assignment, the sooner I can go back to camp and rest…”

The player can complete this secret mission by heading to the East of Teleport Waypoint, on top of the cliff.

3.                   02:32 – Ongoing Mission Image 1 – Twinning Isle 

Dialogue: “Zakhar, are you alright? You’ve been clutching your stomach for a while now. Are you feeling a little queasy somewhere?”

“No, no, Agafya. I’m fine. I probably just caught a chill last night. I’ll be fine after a rest. Fine, I tell you!”

Twinning Isle is located atop a rock near a cliff. This is a little island that lies east of Twinning Isle, the larger island that serves as the island’s primary landmark.

4.                   03:11 – Secret Mission Log 3 – Broken Isle 

Dialogue: “Zakhar, don’t push yourself. Look, there’s a cave over there…”

“Let’s go and rest for a while…”

The player can discover it on top of a rock along the shore, northwest of the main island’s teleport waypoint.

5.                   03:37 – Secret Mission Log 4 – Broken Isle 

Dialogue: “Ugh… Agafya, I’m fine… It’s just a little stomach ache…”

“Alright. Well, I found four apples… you can have them when you’re feeling a little better…” “But… the mission…” “Don’t worry about that, Zakhar. I’ll take care of it… you just head up there and get a good rest.”

The location is on top of a rock near a cliff, northwest of the main island’s teleport breakpoint.

6.                   04:16 – Secret Mission Log 5 – Broken Isle 

Dialogue: “What’s going on… Why are there so many hilichurls around our signal testing site…”

On the summit of a rock near the shore, towards the northeast of the teleport waypoint.

7.                   04:57 – Ongoing Mission Image 2 – Broken Isle 

Dialogue: “These hilichurls…!”

It is situated on the smaller island to the north of the larger main island. It is perched atop a boulder adjacent to a cliff, beneath the wooden stairway.

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