Genshin Impact: Ultimate Dori Guide

Alongside Genshin Impact’s second phase of its version 3.0 update comes the arrival of the greedy yet very lovable merchant, Dori. She is a 4-Star Support and Healer Claymore-wielding Electro character that is among the short list of playable characters that has the ability to recharge the player team’s Elemental Burst. This makes her one of the ideal characters for you to use if you love using skills and blasting your enemies away with Bursts.

Without further ado, here is an ultimate guide to making Dori the best she can be.

Ultimate Dori Guide in Genshin Impact

Best Weapons for her

When running your team with Dori, there are two attributes that you should prioritize: her hit points (HP) and Energy Recharge. The former boosts her abilities’ effectiveness, while the latter makes it so that she can use them as often as possible.

Although Dori’s main purpose on your team is to recharge your DPS characters’ abilities and heal your team when they are in danger, she herself also consumes a ton of energy. This is because her value as a viable support character lies heavily in her Elemental Burst.

With all that in mind, this makes it so that the 4-Star weapon Sacrificial Greatsword is ideally suited for her. Not only would it scale wonderfully with Dori, because of her high Energy Recharge, it also has a 40% chance to skip her ability cooldowns.

Here are a few other viable weapons for Dori:

  • Favonius Greatsword
  • Katsuragikiri Nagamasa
  • The Bell

Best Artifacts for her

Again, what you should pay attention to the most when playing Dori is her HP and Energy Recharge stats. This also set the tone for artifacts.

To strengthen both stats, it is recommended that you give her two parts of Tenacity of the Millelith and two parts of Emblem of Severed Fate.

Both artifact combinations provide Dori with 20% more HP and 20% Energy Recharge. This way, you’d practically be sure that you’d always have enough energy to pump out Dori’s Elemental Burst while also tuning it to have a strong effect.

Alternatively, you may also equip her with a full set of Emblem of Severed Fate if you want to deal substantial damage as her, or use the Noblesse Oblige to maximize her support capabilities.

Best Team for her

It is highly ideal that you run Dori alongside two Electro and Cryo characters. Remember that her main purpose is to recharge your damage dealers’ abilities by gathering energy as efficiently as possible. That said, we recommend you go for this particular party combination:

  • Eula – Main DPS
  • Raiden – Sub DPS
  • Shenhe – Support
  • Dori – Support

Eula would serve as your main damage dealer with her insane Cryo and physical damage. She is then supported on the side by Shenhe, who boosts Cryo effects even more and the overall physical damage of your team.

Your other damage dealer, Raiden would then provide Electro effects for reactions while also serving as a mini battery to charge your team’s abilities. Dori, on the other hand, will be the one to keep everyone in tip-top shape in terms of HP while also ensuring that the team always has their abilities on cooldown.

Here are other teams that make full use of what Dori has to offer:

  • Yorimiya – Main DPS
  • Raiden – Sub DPS
  • Kazuha – Support
  • Dori – Support

  • Childe – Main DPS
  • Yae Miko – Sub DPS
  • Xingqiu – Sub DPS
  • Dori – Support

Take note that Dori is best used as an off-field character, meaning once you have activated her skills, you should switch out to other characters immediately to deal as heavy damage as possible.

With that being said, we hope this guide helped you tune Dori to be the best version of herself.

While her main purpose is to serve as a supporting character, feel free to experiment with other builds to have the most fun with her.

Written by Borut Udovic

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