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Genshin Impact is an open-world, action RPG developed and published by miHoYo on September 28 2020 for PC, PlayStation 4, and iOS/Android for mobile. It is a free-to-play game that features a Gacha monetization system in the form of Wishes. The game features an action-combat playstyle with classic RPG mechanics, that also allows players to create a party of up to four playable characters that can be used and swapped on the fly to execute deadly and exquisite combos.

This is a massive index of guides that are based on different quests, puzzle solutions, weapons unlock, characters, a lot of customization and more.

Wiki Guide for Genshin Impact

How To’s Guide

Quests & Events Guides

Quests are the story content in Genshin Impact, and sometimes few quests can be a part of a whole story in the game. On the other side, Event quests are limited time Quests, available during Events. Most Event Quests are World Quests, but some Flagship Events have Story Quests too.

Unlock New Characters Guides

Characters are obtainable units in Genshin Impact. They come in different rarities, 4-star and 5-star, aligned with an Element, equipable with a specific Weapon, and belong to a Region. All the characters can be obtained by using Intertwined Fates or Acquaint Fates to perform Wishes.

There are also other ways to obtain characters which include: Archon Quests, Paimon’s Bargains, Permanent Events, Limited Time Events.

Puzzle Solutions Guides

In the following list you can see a various unique objects that can be encounter during exploration. These are typically used in puzzles. When properly interacted with, they may spawn a chest, provide the player with access to another collectibles, such as an Oculus, or ptrogress a larger puzzle.

In the list below you can find all the puzzles that you can find and how to complete in Genshin Impact.

Weapons & Armors Guides

Weapons in Genshin Impact are equipment that assist the player in fighting to deal more damage. It is the first tab in the inventory.

There can be found a total of five different types of weapons in Genshin Impact. Each character is only able to wield one weapon type. Weapon level can be increased with Weapon EXP, which is generated by other weapons or Weapon Enhancement Materials.

In the list below you can find some of the weapons that can be found in Genshin Impact.

Materials and Ingredients Collecting Guides

There are various materials that can be collected and found throughout the game and players can obtain these by looting, through game progression, and acquired as rewards for completing Quests and Events.

Materials can be used in different ways such as for Character Progression, Weapon Upgrade, and Forging Items.

Locations Guides

Locations in Genshin Impact features the different areas that players can explore. The game presents a vast called Teyvat where the seven elements flow and converge, you will be able to discover towns, settlements, landscapes, and dungeons. Aside of that, players will also encounter NPCS, Characters, Enemies, and Bosses.

Walkthrough Guides

Troubleshooting Guides

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