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Ghost of Tsushima Horse Death | Can It Die?

Ghost of Tsushima Horse Death

A common trend within games that include mounted horse combat is that if the horse takes too much damage, it will usually die. However, when it comes Ghost of Tsushima it goes down a different, interesting route. That said, here is everything you need to know about Ghost of Tsushima horse death.

Can Your Horse Die in Ghost of Tsushima?

Ghost of Tsushima Horse Death

If you have been wondering if your horse can die in Ghost of Tsushima, the answer is no. Your horse is effectively invincible and throughout the game nothing can harm your horse. You even can fall off a cliff or attack it with your sword, but the result is the same. Your horse will not die or take damage. Further, instead of dying, your horse will flee at the first sign of danger or battle and will return once the trouble is gone.

In the end, the result of making horses invincible lessens the burden of transportation compared to other titles with similar features, like Red Dead Redemption 2. But overall, this interesting design choice comes at the cost of realism but compared to the sheer beauty of the rest of the game an indestructible horse doesn’t really seem like a big deal.

Which Horse Should You Choose?

In case you haven’t started playing yet, at the end of the tutorial, players will be tasked with choosing between one of three horses. Specifically, players have a choice of three different colored horses: dapple, black, and white. So is there a difference between these steeds?

The answer is no, there is no statistical difference between horses in Ghost of Tsushima. So with that in mind, it doesn’t matter which horse you choose, so just choose the one you like the most.

This was everything we have regarding Ghost of Tsushima horse death and which horse you should choose. We hope this guide provided the answers you were looking for, but before you go we recommend checking out some of our other guides which you can find listed below.

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Written by Andrew Smith