Finding All KK‘s Investigation Notes in ‘Ghostwire: Tokyo’

Over the course of Tango Gameworks’ Ghostwire: Tokyo, you can occasionally find some of your partner KK’s case files, written back when he was a monster hunter. When found, these files grant you 20 extra skill points that can be spent on improving Akito’s abilities, as well as providing critical insight into what made KK the cynical wreck he is today.

While there aren’t any trophies/achievements that are specifically attached to KK’s notes, you do need to find all 20 of them in order to max out your skill tree and unlock Mind and Body. Early in the game when 20 skill points means two new passive bonuses, each investigation report is a serious bonus.

6 of the 20 reports can be purchased from various Relic-Hunting Nekomata vendors for 100,000 meika each, which will get you a good stretch of the way towards the Big Spender trophy/achievement. It’s a steep price early in the game, but once you reach Chapter 4 and can obtain the Prosperity Beads by cleansing the Chishima Shrine, money is much easier to come by.

Of the other 13 reports, 12 can be found near shrines or major story locations throughout Ghostwire’s haunted version of Shibuya, although many aren’t available until you can cleanse the entire map during Chapter 4.

If you happen to miss a set of investigation notes, you can use the fully upgraded Sleuth Beads, found after cleansing the Hirokawa, Shiratsuki, and Onten Shrines, to chase them down later. When equipped, the Beads spawn a trail of green light that will point you towards the closest set of uncollected investigation notes, assuming they’re within 300 meters of you.

Keep in mind that after Ghostwire’s credits, you can make a new save file which will jump you back to the end of Chapter 4, right before the final choice you make to complete the main story mission “The Black Tower.” As such, no collectibles in Ghostwire ever become permanently unavailable.

The following notes are presented in the order in which they appear in Ghostwire’s in-game database. Naturally, as with any list of collectibles, this will involve mild spoilers.

The Sewer Kid

When you get to the safehouse during the story mission “KK,” pick up the notes from the top of the box under the calendar outside the kitchenette. You’re only likely to miss this if you’re in a serious hurry.

The Dancing Headless Students

After you cleanse the Kuo Shrine, search the area nearby. You’ll find this report on a bench on the east side, near the base of the massive torii gate.

The Kirigaoka Vanishing

Search the office building on the southeast corner of the grounds of the Hirokawa Shrine.

The Marunouchi Vanishing

In the Sengoku Building, pick up the manila folder in the closed conference room in the offices of Meja Securities. You can grab this over the course of the “Pillar of Light” story mission in Chapter 3, but if you miss it, you can reenter this area later on.

The Awakened AI

When you find Apartment 302 during the main story mission “Blindness,” go to the first floor of the building and look for the folder sticking out of the mailbox.

The Line at the Ramen Shop

If you fast-travel to the Tatsui Shrine after it’s been cleared, this set of notes can be found on a wooden building next to the shrine’s exit on your right. This is easy to overlook on your initial visit, as the shrine is initially the site of a particularly hairy ambush.

The Giant Teru Teru Bozu

This is another virtual gimme. It’s on a bench on top of the skyscraper that you use as an observation point during the story mission “The Black Tower” in Chapter 4.

The Ether Thief

At the Shimokusa Shrine, go north from the torii gate and pick up the manila folder in front of the closed elevator at ground level.

The Hyakki Yako

This is the last investigation report in the game, and is only available at the start of Chapter 5 before you enter Tokyo Tower. After you fight the Tsuchigumo, double back the way you came, go down the stairs, and look inside the small office.

The King of the Loan Sharks

At the Yashin Shrine, look for this report on a stack of beams at ground level, above the torii gate.

The Turbo Student

This is hard to miss. It’s on a stool in the small arcade in the Shibuya Underground.

The Jukai Soba Excavation

On your initial approach to the Utagawa Shopping District Torii Gate, keep an eye on the restaurant tables to your left. It’s on the west side of the north-south road that leads up to the gate. If you miss it the first time, it’s almost directly on top of the landmark point for the Utagawa Shopping District on your map.

The Overpriced Tickets

This is very easy to overlook. On the west side of the Noto Shrine, look for these notes wedged into the corner of a planter by the side of the street.

The Tengu Turf War

Check inside the empty building on the grounds of the Onten Shrine, across the path from its omikuji box.

The rest of the investigation notes in the game are all purchased from various Relic-Hunting Nekomata, which gradually become available through clearing various shrines.

The Mystery of the Invisible Cat

Buy KK’s Investigation Notes 01 from the Luster-Loving Nekomata for M100,000.

The Cult of the Flying Cloth

Buy KK’s Investigation Notes 02 from the Musical Nekomata for M100,000.

The Sports Avenue Barker

Buy KK’s Investigation Notes 03 from the Japanophile Nekomata for M100,000.

The Strange Case of the City Tengu

Buy KK’s Investigation Notes 04 from the Handicraft Nekomata for M100,000.

The Nekomata and the Convenience Store

Buy KK’s Investigation Notes 05 from the Playful Nekomata for M100,000.

The Kappa and the Cucumber

Buy KK’s Investigation Notes 06 from the Occult Nekomata for M100,000.


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