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God Of War Ragnarok Releases This November For PS4 & PS5

The God Of War Ragnarok hype train has continued to game speed since it was revealed, and now a stop may be in sight. The sequel to the highly popular and successful God Of War (2018) has been given a release date for later this year. After revealing some screenshots and details about the game and what it will contain, anticipation has been growing. It’s clear that Santa Monica has been taking its time in making sure the game is ready for release since it has a lot to live up to as well as a huge story to wrap up.

God Of War Ragnarok Release Date

The God Of War series began in 2005 under the creative guidance of David Jaffe. Since then, it has not only gone on to become one of the most successful series on PlayStation but in gaming overall. The series was revived in 2018 simply called God Of War, and the sequel for this new direction has now been given a release date. The adventure of Kratos and his son is set to continue this Fall on November 9th. Players will finally get the chance to lead the pair of heroes against the Norse idea of Doomsday AKA Ragnarok.

This new God Of War series marks a distinct change from the original series and tangential games. The story follows Kratos, a rage-filled Spartan who sought forgiveness by serving the gods and was rewarded with the position of God of War after defeating a corrupt Ares. Threatened by his power, Zeus led efforts to destroy which only fueled his rage. After fighting the Greek Gods, Kratos escaped to the north where he started a family. Now, he has earned the ire of the Norse Gods and is not only fighting for survival but for the protection of his son. Following the end of God Of War (2018), it appears that Ragnarok has come and Kratos has no choice but to continue his fight.

The new God Of War series completely transformed the mechanics and gameplay in a way that was very well-received. With a release date announced for November, players may be getting more of it in God Of War Ragnarok.

Written by Andrew Smith