Godfall: Challenger Edition, Now on Playstation Plus, Is Not the Full Game

Godfall: Challenger Edition, Now on PlayStation Plus, Is Not Full Game

Now available for PlayStation Plus subscribers, the Godfall: Challenger Edition is causing quite a stir. On the surface, the game seems like a glorified demo or trial before purchasing the full version of the PlayStation 5 launch title.

Daniel Nordlander, Game Director at developer Counterplay Games, wrote a blog post on the official PlayStation site leading into the release of Godfall: Challenger Edition. The version promises ways to “allow new players to experience the game’s trio of endgame modes, minus the story content of the base game and Fire & Darkness expansions.” The post mentions players can upgrade to the “Deluxe Edition” which is the base game and expansions, at any time.

The PS Plus announcement post goes into additional detail for Godfall: Challenger Edition.

The Challenger Edition focuses on three unique modes: Lightbringer, Dreamstones, and the Ascended Tower of Trials. All three are endgame-level content, but you’ll be immediately equipped with a spread of deadly weapons and skill points, letting you team up with up to two other players* in co-op. Perfect your build and smash your enemies. Challenger Edition’s endgame co-op is compatible with all upgraded editions of Godfall & supports cross-gen play. Godfall: Challenger Edition players can upgrade at any time to the Deluxe Edition gaining access to both Godfall and Fire & Darkness campaigns.

Source: PlayStation Blog

A spokesperson for Counterplay Games told Eurogamer that the Challenger Edition is not a trial, but instead a budget option with limited features. For PlayStation Plus players that are used to getting full-priced and fully featured games, this isn’t going to sit well with them.

Godfall: Challenger Edition will also be free on the Epic Games Store for PC players for a limited time. Of note is that Nordalnder, who wrote the announcement for the PlayStation Blog, also wrote the post on Epic Games store. Both posts end by mentioning that players can upgrade to the Deluxe edition at any time.

But again, as they told Eurogamer, it’s not a trial or a demo.


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