Godfrey Boss Fight Guide for Elden Ring

The Godfrey boss fight will first come up in the capital city of Lyndell. While this Elden Ring boss fight can take you by surprise at first, the boss Godfrey himself isn’t really that tough to deal with. He is a bit tanky but slow. Follow this Godfrey boss fight guide to learn more about the boss to beat him.

The Godfrey boss drop includes a Talisman Pouch and 80,000 runes. Definitely not a bad deal at all. Additionally, you can spawn at a Stake of Marika if you die, which leaves out all the tedious legwork.

Godfrey Boss Fight Guide

Players should note that this version of Godfrey, First Elden Lord, is merely his spectral form with limited moves and danger. You will encounter this form on your way to the top of Lyndell castle when reaching for the throne at Altus Plateau.

Godfrey Elden Ring Start
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Once you enter the hall, the Godfrey boss fight will begin with him spawning and slowly walking towards you. In most cases, he will leap high above and throw his axe at you. Once the axe lands, Godfrey will leap from the air to the axe’s position. The axe’s angle will be curved and always on your left. Just roll ahead and you will juke it every single time.

Godfrey Axe Throw Move
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When it comes to Summons, the best ones for the Godfrey boss fight are Mimic Tear, Ancestral Follower, and Banished Knight Oleg. From my fight against Godfrey, they tanked enough hits and dealt decent damage to the First Elden Lord.

If you are an Elden Ring mage build, keep your distance and spam spells while your Summon keeps Godfrey busy. Godfrey only has his leap and dash to close the distance.

Godfrey Boss Fight Dash

Godfrey dashes on his right and stomps his foot, causing the area in front of him to erupt. Regardless, a simple roll to the left will put you out of harm’s way.

Elden Ring Godfrey Cheese

If you have long-range attacks, such as spells, arrows, and similar, you can easily cheese Godfrey in Elden Ring. All you need to do is juke his first axe throw attack and just run around and keep hitting him with spells or arrows. As said before, he only has two moves to reach you and they are easy to roll out of. Stack up on arrows if you are not a mage.

Godfrey Boss Fight Melee

As for his melee attacks are concerned, he mostly has 3-4 hit combos that are slow but some attacks do follow the player as they are moving. For instance, Godfrey has an attack where he takes the axe in one hand and slams it in front. It has a deceptively long reach and follows you if you roll or move. Elden Ring melee builds should keep this in mind. You can roll forward and start attacking him though, as he takes time to recover from his attack.


If you happen to use Bloodhound’s Fang, you can spam your weapon art to death. It’s super effective against a slow-moving opponent as Godfrey, First Elden Lord.

Godfrey Boss Fight Axe Slam
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As far as player levels go, anything above 70 should be enough for the Godfrey boss fight in Elden Ring.

Elden Ring Godfrey Location

You will find the Godfrey boss fight on your way to the top of Lyndell castle as you make your way to the throne in Altus Plateau. There will be a section where you will be required to climb the branches of the Erdtree and you will see the hall to your left. When you complete the Godfrey boss fight, you can use the Grace to rest and continue onward.


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