Gods Unchained: Best Starter Deck

With this game getting as popular as it is now, there is a huge flood of new players just starting off. Since it’s a relatively complex game, there’s a lot of interest for what the best starter deck is. So, the deck must be easy to put together, cheap, and beginner friendly. Ideally, this deck should also be scalable and not just become unusable after a player progresses.

Best Starter Deck – Gods Unchained

Most Gods Unchained veterans will tell you to go nature as starter deck. This is mainly due to the fact that with God Of Nature, you will get a lot of creatures and a lot of mid-range cards.

Plus, it’s definitely more beginner-friendly. Anyways, the build we’re going to go over today, will be a nature deck:

From Nature

Here are the cards that you’ll need to grab:

  • X2 Best Friends – Summon a confused 2/1 Eagle. If you have three creatures, a confused badger.
  • X2 Jump On! – +3 strength and overkill to one creature.
  • X2 Escaped Silverback – Deal one damage to a random enemy character.
  • X2 Wildroot Staff – After attacking with it, gain +1/+1 on all characters.

These are all the cards you need from nature.


These are all the neutral cards you’ll need:

  • X2 Springbloom Hunter – Regenerate 1.
  • X2 Dockside Prowler – Hidden for one turn.
  • X2 Wild Hog – Confused attacks.
  • X2 Vanguard Axewoman – Blitz.
  • X2 Volatile Imp – Deal 1 damage to a random enemy character.
  • X2 Panacean Messenger – Heal a friendly creature for 1 health.
  • X2 Hunt Warden
  • X2 Jailbeast – Summon a 1/1 beast.
  • X2 Poison Peddler – Deadly.
  • X2 Underbridge Assailant – Regen 1.
  • X2 Riled Ursine – Confused.

For the power, you’ll need to get Flourish. With it you can heal allied creatures for 1 health.

This deck is mostly cards from level 1 to 5. There are no level 6 or 7 cards. The winchance is about 58% on average. This deck build is mostly a easy to play deck, but it can be scaled up.

Written by Borut Udovic

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