Gorilla Tag: How To Climb

The game has a multiplayer feature and has also succeeded to impress the players with its impressive VR experience.

Gorilla Tag that developed by an indie VR game developer achieved to create a very solid community in the short term and gained a serious player base. Gorilla Tag is free-to-play and is accessible via Steam. The game, which reached 1.5 million unique players about a month ago, stands out with its exciting atmosphere and parkour designs.

We will show you how to climb in Gorilla Tag in this article.

How To Climb in Gorilla Tag

Gorilla Tag, where you can pass the challenging tracks single or with your friends, can give you difficult moments in some situations.

The majority of these challenging moments stem from climbing, which is one of the game’s core mechanics. To complete the parkours, you have to climb the walls or mountains that are surrounding the level maps.

On the other hand, this is not as easy as it seems in VR games. You can follow the steps below to climb the gorilla you manage in the game.

Firstly, your nervousness level may increase unless the Gorilla is climbing. At this point, you need to relax and cool down, because the more nervous and fussy will decrease the possibility of climbing.

Secondly, you need to focus on the movement you are going to take. You should move your arms side by side. Don’t forget to go down your arms while climbing up. In other words, imagine a real-life gorilla that is climbing a mountain and moving your arms just like a gorilla.

Finally, perhaps the most important point you should pay attention to while climbing is not to move your arms in a hurry. The reason you don’t hurry up is that when your gorilla’s hand hits the wall, it sticks on the wall for a while. Therefore, instead of rushing, you can calmly move your other hand and then do the climbing movement mentioned above.

Congratulations! You can now comfortably climb walls or mountains with your gorilla. In addition, there are a few small tips to help you climb in the game.

The first is the direction you look while climbing. Since the camera angle in the game is first-person, this can sometimes be challenging for the players while climbing. Although it is not a very important point, it may be easier for you to look up while climbing. In this way, you can easily see where to put your hands and move more balanced.

Another small tip is to have other gorillas with you while climbing. If you are playing the game with your friends and you climb a wall together, a competitive environment can occur and you can start climbing faster.

Lastly, do a lot of climbing practice. Climbing in Gorilla Tag is like driving a car. The more you practice climbing, the easier you can start climbing and your hands may start to act reflexively after a point. Don’t forget to have fun while playing the game!

Written by Borut Udovic

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