Gotham Knights: Amazing Ways To Get The Best Loot

The city of Gotham in Gotham Knights is a vast open world that has many adventures and distractions to offer players. The crime filled streets are dangerous for everyone and so it would be best to power up your characters as much as you can. You can find amazing loot drops by targeting specific events and enemies in Gotham.

Here’s a list of significant ones down below!

Amazing Ways To Get The Best Loot – Gotham Knights

Premeditated Crimes

Premeditated crimes are some of the best sources of weapons, mods and blueprints from start to finish. You want to stop every one that shows up on your map for the loot.

These scale up with your levels, with the higher level ones featuring tougher enemies but better loot. At max level, high and very high difficulty ones will often drop legendary items from the minibosses.


NPCs you’ve met before can give you a set of repeatable missions that you can perform passively while fighting crime in Gotham.

It’s fine if you don’t finish them immediately because as you progress through the game, you’re going to naturally complete them anyway. These NPCs can reward you with legendary and heroic gear upon completion of the tasks.

You want to perform tasks for Lucius especially as he gives a ton of heroic loot as a reward.

Secret Caches

Bruce has hidden multiple loot caches across Gotham that contain guaranteed heroic loot that can be the earliest source for high quality loot like this.

All you have to do is finish a platforming challenge that will reward you with the location of one of these hidden caches.

The best part is that they respawn every night, meaning you can return to these locations every time you head out into the city.

Gotham’s Most Wanted

This is a late game method of farming because the enemies you encounter will be very powerful. You can hunt down a series of extremely powerful criminals in exchange for great rewards.

You will be shown the location of some named bosses that you can take down. It;’s very lucrative to do so as they are guaranteed to drop either a legendary item or blueprint.

Written by Borut Udovic

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