Gotham Knights: Find The Biodecryption Key

Gotham Knights is an open-world action RPG where players get to fight crime with their favorite characters from the Bat Family in the dynamic crime-filled streets of Gotham City. In this mission, you will have to inspect a dead body and the evidence around it to find a Biodecryption Key. Go through the clues and solve the puzzle of where the key is.

This guide will show you how to find the Biodecryption Key in Gotham Knights!

Find The Biodecryption Key – Gotham Knights

During this part of the mission, you have finally found Langstrom’s body. Get close to it and inspect it to start looking for the Biodecryption Key. There will be various pieces of evidence on the table next to Langstrom’s body.

The interactable evidence includes:

  • Blood vials
  • Langstrom’s phone
  • Wallet
  • Blood glucometer
  • Pulse oximeter

Interacting with the blood glucometer reveals that it has been modified and has a USB plug at its end.

Connecting the blood glucometer to the blood vials at the top will reveal more clues.

After taking a bit of time to process it, the glucometer will eject the USB plug out of its end and reveal that it is the Biodecryption Key itself.

Alarms will start to buzz after obtaining the key. That means that it’s time to exit the autopsy room and escape!

Written by Borut Udovic

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