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Gotham Knights Hidden Door Puzzle | How to Solve

How to Solve the Hidden Door Puzzle in Gotham Knights

The heroes of Gotham Knights are skilled both in combative and investigative terms. Obviously, with the training from Batman, they’re able to crack skulls and cases without almost breaking a sweat. Especially when it comes to forensic business, the talent isn’t absent one bit. The game introduces their detective abilities with the investigation mechanic when inspecting a crime scene. Particularly, we’re referring to Case File 1.1 with Dr. Langstrom and the hidden door puzzle.

How to Solve the Hidden Door Puzzle in Gotham Knights

Gotham Knights How to Solve the Hidden Door Puzzle

To complete the “find a way to open the hidden door” puzzle, look over the distinctive items in front of you on Langstrom’s desk. These include electronic devices, jotted notes, posters, and calendars. What we need are two clues: the numbers on the microwave and the sticky note on the bloody blue notebook. Mark these two items to solve the case. Your hero will then input the numbers from the sticky note onto the microwave, triggering the hidden door to finally open.

This will be your first time conducting a vigilante investigation in Gotham Knights. It informs you of the basics with the cursor and item icons. If this is your first time playing an Arkham-like title, then it’ll act as a walkthrough. Granted, some future crimes are easier to explore and complete, but Case File 1.1 shows you what to expect when diving deep into a troubling scene.

The hidden door comes to us after scanning the laboratory with AR. Upon entering the scene, we can clearly see that some trouble ensued with some blood spillage. Langstrom attempted to open a cabinet, which brings us to the current situation with the door. We then walk over to the doctor’s desk to commence our investigation. After we perform the aforementioned steps to solving the puzzle, the mission will continue, leaving with newly-acquired knowledge.

When searching for clues during an investigation, make sure to look all over the general area for any missing clues. Some are so well-concealed that finding them all might prove to be slightly irritating. Move your cursor in and around the screen to cover all available ground. Once you’ve gathered the clues, you can start checking them off to see if they solve their respective cases. No need to worry if you fail; the investigation won’t restart, prompting you to check over every item until you match the right one.

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Written by Andrew Smith