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Gotham Knights Sudoku Puzzle | How to Solve

Gotham Knights Sudoku Puzzle - How to Solve

Players have delved deep into a sinister rabbit hole upon discovering the Court of Owls’ existence in Gotham Knights. Unforeseen consequences arise from unexpected characters getting involved, and our heroes are caught in the middle of all the madness. They eventually reach a secret location in Case File 6.2: The Voice of the Court, where they’re soon halted by a sudoku puzzle concealing a hidden elevator. If you’re unfamiliar with sudoku, we got you covered with our guide on how to solve this particular puzzle.

How to Solve the Sudoku Puzzle in Gotham Knights

Gotham Knights How to Solve the Sudoku Puzzle

Minor Spoiler Warning: The Sudoku Puzzle is a part of Case File 6 for the main narrative. Please read with discretion.

To solve the sudoku puzzle of Case File 6.2 with Jacob Kane, you’ll need to abide by Alfred’s instructions by turning over the white squares. “Each symbol can only appear once in a row, column, and box,” he says, but we’ll save you the trouble. There are 7 white rotatable stone squares, and they’ll present one of four different symbols: Court Mask, Owl Head, Talon, and Wings.

We can only rotate the white squares for this puzzle. The gray ones will remain as they are; use them for reference when selecting the right symbols. Rearranging the squares to the proper insignias will take a few turns. As long as the correct icons are on the wall, you’ll gain access to the secret room. Going from left to right, top to bottom, here are the 7 symbols:

  1. Court Mask
  2. Talon
  3. Wings
  4. Court Mask
  5. Talon
  6. Owl Head
  7. Talon

After inputting the final symbol, the door will then unveil Jacob Kane’s private room. A few prized items of his are on display, with some dating back centuries ago. The private elevator will be behind the giant war painting, where you’ll place a laser drill in order to bypass it. Be ready for a fight while the drill does its job.

And there you have it! If you’re having trouble with another area in Gotham Knights, then we have more guides to help you out before reaching the endgame:

Written by Andrew Smith