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Gotham Knights | Which Knight is Best?

Gotham Knights - Which Knight is Best?

Upon booting up Gotham Knights, players will get to choose one of four heroes to kick things off. We have Nightwing, Batgirl, Robin, and Red Hood, all former sidekicks of Batman. With Gotham Knights playing out as an RPG, it’s important to have one character act as your main choice for leveling up and general progressing. While players are free to switch between the four vigilantes, we began to wonder who the best Knight is in the game. For this guide, we’ll go over the four heroes while picking out the premier protector of Gotham City.

Who is the Best Knight in Gotham Knights?

Who is the Best Knight in Gotham Knights?

Out of the four protagonists, either Nightwing or Batgirl is the best Knight to start or continuously level up with in Gotham Knights. They both offer a fair amount of resources, gameplay range, and touching story beats that make the experience all the more worthwhile.

Of course, there’s no shade being thrown at Robin or Red Hood. While they can provide excellent beatdowns and crime-ridden solutions, there’s a certain limit to what they can do. It boils down to their traversal abilities, which aren’t the most satisfying to use. Robin can beam from one spot to another via a satellite; a helpful gadget for stealth, but not so much in terms of traveling. Red Hood bounces mid-air thanks to his mystical powers after being brought back from the dead.

Nightwing deploys a Fortnite-like glider, and Batgirl spreads her Bat wings, much like Batman from the Arkham games. These two traversal abilities are superior in comparison to the teleportation and magical jumping abilities of Robin and Red Hood, respectively.

Each character possesses a different assortment of tools that allow them to bring something new to the table. In short, Nightwing specializes in support, Batgirl is an expert hacker, Robin can teleport, and Red Hood has his pistols. Of course, there’s something here for everyone, with the heroes laying out distinctive styles for players to select from.

Then again, it’s to each their own here. If you prefer a heavy focus on stealth, stick with Batgirl and Robin. On the other hand, if you enjoy just jumping into action, play as either Nightwing or Red Hood. Especially if you’re brutal on the battlefield, Red Hood is a good choice; plus, you get two awesome pistols to wield when you play as him.

Gotham Knights Robin in Training

In truth, these characters adhere to their areas of expertise while maintaining the foundation of being a Bat Family member. You certainly won’t be disappointed with the choices that the game provides. We recommend trying out all four heroes to get a sense of what they can do out on the field.

Master Wayne requires your heroic efforts and potential sacrifice to help protect the good citizens of Gotham City. Therefore, we’re supplying these additional tips before you head back out into the night:

Written by Andrew Smith