Greedfall Factions | All Six Factions List

Greedfall Factions

Many games have implemented a faction system of sorts, introducing various groups and clans that have an influence on the gaming experience. Greedfall factions are another embodiment of that feature. The six factions present in the game determine endings and relationships with NPCs throughout the course of a playthrough. Here’s what there is to know about all of the Greedfall’s factions, from their companions to their lore. 

The Six Greedfall Factions

Greedfall Factions

As noted, there are six Greedfall factions, which can be seen in the list below. Each one has its own unique lore, side quests, companions, and overall impact on gameplay and endings. They provide the game with countless hours of gameplay, and much replay value. 

  • Congregation of Merchants
  • Bridge Alliance
  • Coin Guard
  • Theleme
  • The Nauts
  • Yecht Fradi

Below is some more information on each of these Greedfall factions.

Congregation of Merchants

The Congregation of Merchants is the first faction that players are introduced to. Rather, players assume the role of a member of the Congregation’s royal family. They’re focused on maintaining diplomatic relations with the other factions, acting as mediators of conflict. 

Bridge Alliance

The Bridge Alliance is focused on scientific research and commerce. They’re a collective, bent on furthering progress for all. This also means waging war with theocracies and natives, so be careful when questing for them. Aphra is their recruitable companion.

Coin Guard

The third Greedfall faction offers the first companion, Kurt. He’s a Master-of-Arms, specializing in melee combat. The Coin Guard’s role is self explanatory; they’re guards that work for coin. Essentially, they’re private soldiers working for whoever’s paying. 


The Theleme are pretty much religious zealots, imposing their beliefs on all other factions. Consequently, aligning with them can quickly malign relationships with other factions and companions. Their token companion is Petrus, a high ranking bishop. 

The Nauts

The Nauts derive their namesake from the word nautical, and are also quite nautical at heart. They’re a group of organized sailors with several customs and practices. They’re best likened to Coin Guards of the sea, working for no one in particular. Vasco is their companion member, and relies on blades and poisons in combat. 

Yecht Fradi

Lastly, there’s the Yecht Fradi, the native race in Greedfall. They value nature and tradition, and are at war with the Bridge Alliance. Keep in mind, siding with them jeopardizes relations with the Bridge Alliance and the Theleme. Siora is their contributing companion, utilizing melee combat and ranged magic. 

Now that you’ve got a better understanding of all six Greedfall factions, which one will you align yourself with?

Written by Andrew Smith

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