GRID Legends Tracks: All Tracks Listed

GRID Legends will offer players more than 22 tracks to race on. With 13 racing circuits,9 street tracks, and one point-to-point track, you will be able to enjoy it for a long period of time.

What tracks can we expect in GRID Legends?

It will feature a wide variety of tracks such as Indianapolis Motor Speedway, Suzuka International Racing Course, Brands Hatch and many others. Grid Autosport fans will be glad to know that the Mount Panorama Circuit will be also making a return.

Players will be able to drive a huge range of vehicles including touring cars, trucks, drift cars, electric vehicles around various cities such as San Francisco, Paris, London, and Moscow.

Street Racing

This is the first time players will be able to create their own races, routes, and rules in the GRID series.The developer has given lot of attention to the street circuits added to the game.

Two new locations in the series are Moscow and London which are expected to play key roles in the story mode. The Moscow track is the longest street circuit in the entire franchise.

Players will be able to enjoy these exotic locations while taking part in the GRID World Championship. Featuring the Eiffel tower and packed with jump ramps, many are looking forward to race on the newly added Paris Circuit .

The ‘Italian Alps’

Another confirmed location is the fictional Strada Alpina track located in the beautiful Italian Alps. The name translates to “Alpine Road” and isn’t limited to just mountain ranges. It also has some circuit sections and villages for players to zoom past.

Codemaster is also expected to include the circuits present in GRID 2019. Below is a list of all the tracks featured in the previous game:

  • Barcelona
  • Brands Hatch
  • Crescent Valley
  • Havana
  • Indianapolis
  • Okutama GP
  • Okutama Sprint
  • San Francisco
  • Sepang
  • Shanghai
  • Silverstone
  • Sydney Motorsport Park
  • Zhejiang Circuit

While there has been no official confirmation from the developer whether all these tracks will be added or not, players can expect good post-launch support. Codemaster has promised to add more tracks, cars, game modes in four major updates in the first year of the game.

Release Date

GRID Legends will be released worldwide on 25 February 2022 on the PC, Playstation, and Xbox.

Written by Borut Udovic

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